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Is Robbie Robertson Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Robbie Robertson

Robbie Robertson made his name way back in the 90s. His performances as the lead guitarist of the Canadian-American rock band The Band started the launch of his career. He is very active in the industry as a film producer, actor, author, songwriter, and musician.

His band is one of the pioneers who established the Americana music genre. Their songs helped them make their way into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Canadian Music Hall of Fame, and Canada’s Walk of Fame. After his work in The Band, he continued to pursue music and became a solo artist, which earned him a spot in the same Halls of Fame. 

Because of his exemplary skills in music, Rolling Stone magazine ranked him the 59th greatest guitarist at the time. In addition, The National Academy of Songwriters honored him with a Lifetime Achievement Award, and he was even inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. Some of his written songs are “Broken Arrow,” “Up on Cripple Creek,” and “ The Weight.”

Furthermore, he proceeded to venture his music career into film soundtracking. Together with director Martin Scorsese, they have produced and composed songs for multiple movies such as The Departed in 2006, The Wolf of Wall Street in 2013, and Netflix’s The Irishman in 2019.

Does Robbie Robertson live a married life? Who is he wedded to? Find out more about Robbie Robertson’s dating history by reading below.

Is Robbie Robertson Married to Wife? Is he dating a girlfriend?

Image of Robbie Robertson with his former partner, Dominique Bourgeois
Robbie Robertson with his former partner, Dominique Bourgeois

Dominique Bourgeois used to be Robbie Robertson’s wife before they parted ways. Dominique Bourgeois officially became Robbie Robertson’s wife in 1967 but later left that title and lived on her own. 

When they were still together, Dominique got a bit of exposure in the media, but after their divorce, nothing is heard from her anymore. She used to be a journalist then and is expected to be in her retirement age.

Robbie Robertson’s Biography

.Jaime Royal “Robbie” Robertson was born to Rosemarie Dolly Chrysler on the 5th of July 1943. He has no siblings and was raised in the Six Nations, southwest of Toronto, Ontario. 

In 1942, his mother married James Patrick Robertson and had lived in different homes in Toronto because of their work in the factory. During the holidays, his mother brings him to visit their family in Six Nations.

During those times, his family members, mainly his older cousin Herb Myke, taught him how to play the guitar. They also listen to a lot of rock n roll and R&B, which might have been the reason for Robbie to pursue such a career in the future. 

It was truly devastating for teen Robbie when his parents, Rosemarie and James, divorced. In the vulnerable state, her mother revealed to teen Robbie that James was not his father but a Jewish man named Alexander David Klegerman.

He could not meet his father because he died in a hit-and-run accident on the Queen Elizabeth Highway. However, his mother did not just drop the bomb and leave it at that after telling him but had arranged a meeting with his paternal biological family. 

Robbie Robertson’s Kids

When Dominique Bourgeois was still Robbie Robertson’s wife, they had three children together. Their daughters Alexandra and Delphine and their son Sebastian followed their father Robbie’s footsteps and were seen as child actors/actresses in several films.

Since their divorce, there was no information available on who got custody of the children, but it is seen that the kids can spend time with both parents.

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