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Rob Pelinka is Married to Wife: Kristin Schwarz. Kids.

Image of Rob Pelinka with his wife, Kristin Schwarz, and their kids

Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association would not be as successful as they are now because of the players alone, working behind the scene and organizing the team is Rob Pelinka. As the Los Angeles Lakers general manager and vice president for basketball operations, it is Pelinka’s job to look after the players and manage them.

He is also known as an American basketball execute, sports agent, lawyer, and a former varsity for the Lake Bluff, Illinois. Pelinka also used to be the CEO and president of the Landmark Sports Agency, LLC, before becoming a part of the LA Lakers.

As an agent, he has represented many big names in the basketball industry for the Top 14 picks since the 2003 NBA Draft. These personalities include Derrick Williams, who ended up 2nd overall in the 2011 NBA Draft, and Andre Drummond and Dion Walters in the 2012 NBA draft.

They both ended up in the 4th and 9th overall, and not to be forgotten, he also used to be an agent for the late Kobe Bryant. Before becoming Kobe Bryant’s agent, he had a contract with Carlos Boozer but later transferred to Kevin Durant because of controversy following Boozer’s alleged re-sign to the Cleveland Cavaliers after signing with the Utah Jazz.

Currently, he has fulfilled his work as an executive manager for the LA Lakers. He even won an award in 2020 as the 7th to receive the Executive of the Year Award. To know about his marriage, keep reading here!

Meet Rob Pelinka’s wife, kids, and family!

Rob Pelinka has been Married to Wife Kristin Schwarz since 2005

Image of Rob Pelinka with his wife, Kristin Schwarz
Rob Pelinka with his wife, Kristin Schwarz

Kristin Schwarz used to be a long-time girlfriend before being married to Rob. There was no specific date when Kristin officially became Rob Pelinka’s Wife, but they did get engaged in June 2005 and had tied the knots a few months after.

The couple is both successful in their career and has always shared their blessings with others. Together with their children, they are upstanding members of the St. Andrews Presbyterian Church and do their volunteering work at The Painted Turtle Camp– a camp dedicated to children with life-threatening sicknesses.

Also, they partner with a non-profit community organization, the Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation, which supports youth in Los Angeles to have more outstanding education, learn teamwork, and have confidence in themselves.

Kristin Schwarz’s Biography

Kristin Brett Schwarz, Rob Pelinka’s wife, tends to the children in need. In an interview, she stated that her true calling was to be a healer, an encourager, and a voice for the voiceless.

She studied at Duke University and UCLA School of Medicine to fulfill it. Later on, she completed her pediatric residency at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Currently, she is working as a pediatrician in Costa Mesa, California. According to her bio on the Costa Mesa website, her medical interest focus on behavioral issues, special needs of children, child development, and international medicine.

Rob Pelinka’s Past Relationship

Aside from Rob Pelinka’s wife, there were no more mentions of other girls he previously dated in his life. Also, the couple is living their best lives together, and they can’t break up soon.

Rob Pelinka’s Kids

Image of Kristin Schwarz with her kids, Durham and Emery
Kristin Schwarz with her kids, Durham and Emery

The budding love of Rob and his wife Kristin resulted in the birth of their two children: Durham and Emery. Although any personal information about their children remains private, the Pelinka family is living a life of comfort and happiness.

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