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Rob Kerkovich is Married to Wife: Anjali Prasertong. Kids.

Image of Rob Kerkovich with his wife, Anjali Prasertong

In today’s timeline, more and more people have taken notice of the sitcom genre, with Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Park and Recreation leading the charge, with it being actor Rob Kerkovich. One of the staples supporting actors in many comedy shows is presently being played on streaming platforms worldwide.

However, his most significant and extended break in television has to be Forensic Officer Sebastian Lund from the crime and investigative drama NCIS: New Orleans. Because of that, people have noticed how talented he is; slowly, his fanbase and following started to grow, just like his acting opportunities.

At 42 years old and with an acting career that spans almost two decades, he is no rookie to the intricacies and the inner workings of modern-day media in Hollywood and shows business. Even though he may not be considered an A-list actor of today, he still has a bright future ahead of him, and he is not showing any signs of stopping anytime soon.

In his most recent pursuit of success, he is currently a part of the Call of Cthulhu series under the Glass Cannon Podcast Production known as Time for Chaos. As fans of the actor, all that we can do when it comes to pushing his career forward is to support him in many of the ways that we can think of.

Who is Rob Kerkovich’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Rob Kerkovich has been Married to his Wife, Anjali Prasertong.

Image of Rob Kerkovich with his wife, Anjali Prasertong
Rob Kerkovich with his wife, Anjali Prasertong

While the actor remains silent regarding his marital status, Rob Kerkovich’s wife has always been seen with him in the years following their wedding. Although there are also a lot of dates floating around the internet when the couple decided to tie the knot, there is no absolute statement from Rob Kerkovich’s wife that confirms this,

However, as many reports have stated before, the lovers may have been enjoying married life for over a decade now, with others pointing toward a photo that details their long relationship. This led people to believe that they have been staying together since 2008 and are happily celebrating their 14+ years of a very healthy and wonderful life.

Rob Kerkovich’s  Previous Relationships

As mentioned, the Hollywood celebrity does not remain vocal regarding the subject of his personal life. Due to this, no reports state any romantic partners he has had before meeting Anjali.

Anjali Prasertong’s Biography

Rob Kerkovich’s wife does not go far from the personality and characteristics of her fantastic husband. Just like him, he is not openly sharing what goes on in their life as a couple and prefers a more quiet and peaceful life living with their kids.

But, it is believed that she came from an Asian background judging by her physical and facial features. We are yet to look into the details of her background and life when she becomes vocal about talking about it.

Rob Kerkovich’s Kids

Image of Rob Kerkovich with his wife, Anjali Prasertong, with their son, S.S. Kerkotong
Rob Kerkovich with his wife, Anjali Prasertong, with their son, S.S. Kerkotong

The husband and wife are happily married and taking care of their two cute little boys. Their first son is named S.S. Kerkotong, while the second one remains unnamed as of this moment.

Their birthdates are also unknown to the public, but it is determined that they are still kids and are living their best lives with their amazing parents. Their anonymity probably boils down to the fact that they want to protect their sons’ image and identity from the public’s prying eyes.

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