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Is Rico Bosco Married to Wife? Is he dating a girlfriend?

Image of Rico Bosco

Rico Bosco is just a screen name for Barstool Sports’ podcaster and sports blogger. He is the master of ceremony on numerous podcasts, which serves its purpose depending on the topic.

He is described as the number one caller on satellite and terrestrial radio. Additionally, he has been a reoccurring guest of Barstool Sports’ programs, and lastly, he has witnessed two presidencies during his time in the said programs.

Moreover, he was also regarded as the resident gambling expert. It was because he knows his way around when doing podcast shows.

Being a public personality is surely draining for some. That is why people wonder if there is a particular Rico Bosco’s wife who tends to the podcaster when he feels burnout.

Learn more about the dating status, controversies, and kids of Rico Bosco as we reveal further information about him by reading this article.

Is Rico Bosco Married to Wife? 

Image of Rico Bosco
Rico Bosco is an American podcast host and a sports blogger

As someone in the spotlight, Rico Bosco’s wife is frequently asked of him as a comeback question. Sadly, for him, there is no Rico Bosco’s wife at the moment.

He mentioned that he is so busy with his career and self-improvement that dating is not yet on his top priorities list. With the recent controversy, he admitted that he needs professional intervention.

Furthermore, he believes that Rico Bosco’s wife will come at the right time. Right now, they must work on their careers so their future family will not suffer.

Being an unmarried man, Rico Bosco has no kids listed under his name. According to sources, the podcast host said that he must first locate Rico Bosco’s wife before dreaming of having his kids.

However, he does not want to take the shortcut when it comes to family planning because it takes time. For now, he will work hard on his career and self so that his future family can get the best out of him.

Rico Bosco’s Biography

There’s nothing much known about the life of the internet personality despite his occupation that requires him to converse with people on various subjects. However, this does not make him immune to controversy and rumors that have continually plagued his career.

When looked up on the internet, the number result would be the one-month suspension of the sports blogger. It was because he said something offensive to one of their guests.

The company took it on Twitter to announce the steps for the podcast host to regain his spot on their programs. The first one would be a month’s suspension which was effective immediately.

Second, he was ordered to go through anger management therapy so that he would not repeat the same mistake he committed. The third one is apologizing to Big T, the person he offended.

And lastly, he was given an ultimatum that he would not be tolerated the next time. In short, he would be fired if he repeated what he did.

According to sources, the sports blogger complied with the guidelines without hesitation. It would also benefit him because he will be able to manage his anger issues.

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