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Ricko Dewilde is Married to Wife: Rona Vent. Kids.

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Image of Ricko Dewilde with his kids

Ricko Dewilde is a reality television star in the United States. “Life below Zero” is what he is best known.

Since his debut in 2018, he has appeared in more than 30 episodes. As one of the newest cast members, Ricko has already gained a sizable following of admirers.

It’s a natural extension of his laid-back demeanor, which is on full display throughout the event. During the eleventh season of the reality TV show “Life Below Zero,” Dewilde was cast as a survivalist who would demonstrate his talents in Alaska’s frozen winter land.

Ricko’s extraordinary hunting skills have enthralled audiences and earned him a legion of fans throughout the world. Do you want to know the reality TV star Ricko Dewilde’s wife and their kids?

Then please continue reading to learn more.

RIcko Dewilde is Married to Wife Rona Vent since 2013

Image of Ricko Dewilde with his wife, Rona Vent
Ricko Dewilde with his wife, Rona Vent

In the documentary TV series that portrays the extreme methods of life of Ricko Dewilde’s family, viewers see Ricko dedicated to his attractive wife, Rona Vent. His wife Rona was included in the series as well.

The year 2013 marks over a decade of the couple’s relationship, but that hasn’t diminished their love for one another. When Ricko and his wife Rona Vent decided they wanted to be a couple, there is no documentation of how they initially became acquainted.

Despite this, the reality TV star and his beautiful wife continued to work on being closer to one another in their relationship as time went on. There has been no communication between the two individuals concerning the break in their relationship up until this time.

There is no indication that Ricko’s relationship with his wife, Rona Vent, has become less potent during their marriage. After nearly a decade of marriage, Dewilde and his wife welcomed six children into the world; all of them were given the names Sarah, Simone, Skarlett, Maya, Skyler, and Keenan.

There are a few instances in “Life below Zero” in which his sons appeared on the show when they paid a visit to their father, and during those occasions, he is seen instructing them on how to live a life of sustenance.

Rona Vent’s Biography

Rona vent is not only the mother of six beautiful children, but she is also married to the reality TV star Ricko Dewilde. There is not much known about her parents, but if any new details emerge, don’t worry because we will update this post.

Regrettably, there is no information available on her precise birth date; however, it was assumed that Ricko Dewilde’s wife was somewhere in her early 40s. If this is the case, she will continue to be a younger wife than her husband, who turned 46 long ago.

Ricko Dewilde’s wife is most like a homemaker. Despite this, it is very evident that she has been an incredibly supportive partner to Ricko in both his personal and professional aspirations.

Is Ricko Dewilde Married to ex-wife, or have an ex-girlfriend?

Due to the unfortunate fact that the reality TV star is unwilling to discuss his former relationships and — guards the privacy of his personal life, Ricko gives the impression that he is a low-key guy. As a direct consequence of this, it was impossible to acquire any publicly available information regarding his ex-wife or ex-girlfriend.

This site will be updated as soon as we hear any new information, whether speculations or news.

RIcko Dewilde’s Kids

Image of Ricko Dewilde with his wife, Rona Vent, and their kids
Ricko Dewilde with his wife, Rona Vent, and their kids

I. Sarah Dewilde

II. Simone Dewilde

III. Skarlett Dewilde

IV. Maya Dewilde

V. Skyler Dewilde

VI. Keenan Dewilde

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