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Rick Gonzalez is Married to Wife: Sherry Aon. Kids.

Image of Rick Gonzalez with his wife, Sherry Aon, and their daughter, Skylar Gonzalez

He gained domestic and international fame from his very famous appearance as Timo Cruz on the hit and critically-acclaimed basketball movie Coach Carter; he is no other than Rick Gonzalez. An actor and a musician of Hispanic descent, he was born and had spent his life living in the suburbs of Brooklyn in New York City, where his parents raised him.

Although he had a rough childhood, given that his parents would mutually decide to go their ways separately when he was young, it did not stop him from achieving and fulfilling his dreams. From being an active participating student in small amateur academic theatrical plays and shows, his passion for acting and entertainment has always been there to help him.

It was not definite whether or not his family struggled hard when he was growing up, but it surely affected him in many ways that we as fans are not well aware of today. But whatever that may be, it sure propelled his burning desire to be successful and later study at Manhattan’s High School of Performing Arts.

Afterward, his career started to kick off, and after a while, he began to explore the world of professional acting and jumpstarted his acting debut in 1998. He may not be as familiar to everyone, but if you’ve watched shows like Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Mr. Robot, and The Lost Symbol, then you have seen him before.

What happened to the personal life and love story of actor Rick Gonzalez? Who is Rick Gonzalez’s wife? Learn more about him by reading this article.

Rick Gonzalez has been married to his wife, Sherry Aon, since 2010

Image of Rick Gonzalez with his wife, Sherry Aon
Rick Gonzalez with his wife, Sherry Aon

Both Rick Gonzalez’s Wife and he has shared a long history, first meeting back in the early 2000s and being married to each other a decade later. It is without any hint of doubt that the couple has already established a well-thought-out and loving relationship over the years that they have spent with one another.

It is believed that the actor did not really like where everything was going when they first decided to see each other because Sherry was out of it and was not behaving as nicely. But fortunately, he and Rick Gonzalez’s wife gave their romance another shot, and they realized everything was okay.

They got wedded in a closed ceremony attended by close friends, family members, and colleagues sometime in 2010. We will update this write-up once information about Rick Gonzalez’s wife becomes available. 

Rick Gonzalez’s Previous Relationships

Given the length of their marriage, Rick Gonzalez’s wife Sherry may be the first, the last, and the only person that made the actor’s heart beat so fast. There are no reports of him being in other romantic relationships before meeting her, so the assumption about this particular subject is relatively safe.

Sherry Aon’s Biography

Many people can pretty much describe the Hollywood star’s life as an open book, but the same thing cannot be said when talking about his wife’s life. Sherry Aon is quite the unknown figure in the life of the Coach Carter star.

Some sources suggest that she also works in show business; there are no concrete proofs to support this claim. However, it is believed to be of African-American descent and has been living in the United States for as long as anyone can remember.

Rick Gonzalez’s Kids

Image of Rick Gonzalez with his daughter, Skylar Gonzalez
Rick Gonzalez with his daughter, Skylar Gonzalez

The couple is happy and comfortable living with their one and only child, Skylar Gonzalez. She was born on the 26th of July 2013 and recently celebrated her 9th birthday with her parents and other relatives.

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