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Is Rick Genest Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Rick Genest with his girlfriend, Imanee

Covered with ink all over his body, Rick Genest received a Guinness World Record in 2011 as the individual with the most bones tattooed on his body until November 2018. Because of that, he was nicknamed Zombie Boy.

His fame started when he was featured in Lady Gaga’s music video Born This Way. At first glance, his tattoos in the music video look like makeup; however, they were all-natural, and Gaga was replicating his tattoos. 

Before launching his career as an actor and model, he used to work in multiple freak shows and sideshows in Canada. He first made his public appearance in a blog post in Body Modification Ezine (BME)’s ModBlog. He was invited to his first interview, where he made clear to the media that he preferred his name, Zombie. After that, he persisted in making a name for himself.

As a model, he was featured in Thierry Mugler’s Autumn/Winter Men’s collection and an editorial entitled “Hard To Be Passive“ in Vogues Hommes Japan’s sixth volume in 2011. Late that same year, he was in the “Go Beyond the Cover” of Dermablend’s campaign for makeup products. Following that year, the Tonner Doll company released a limited edition action figure resembling Genest for the San Diego Comic-Con

Because of his unique appearance, he has worked in various films and videos. In 2013, he worked alongside Keanu Reeves in the 47 Ronin. He had also collaborated with musical talents, including solo artist KAV, on the single “Dirty Rejects.” 

Is Rick Genest still single? Who is he dating? Find out by reading the article below.

Is Rick Genest Married to Wife? Who is he dating?

Image of Rick Genest with his girlfriend, Imanee
Rick Genest with his girlfriend, Imanee

His distinguishable features had attracted many girls like him. In an interview, he once stated that he had a girlfriend named Imanee. Sadly, she couldn’t be Rick Genest’s wife, for he labeled her a freak. In addition, he also had a committed relationship with a girl named Image, but unfortunately, she was never meant to be Rick Genest’s wife for specific personal reasons. 

Back when he was alive, he used to take his girlfriend out for lunch and make music for them. After his demise, his past or used-to-be current girlfriend kept a low profile and lived a private life. 

Rick Genest’s Biography

Rick Genest was born on the 7th of August 1985 in LaSalle, Quebec. He was known for his Guinness World record in 2011 for the most tattoo with human bones in the body (139) but was later replaced by Joshua Thornton with his body full of insect tattoos (179).

The young actor could have achieved more in his life; he might even find a girl who would be the future Rick Genest’s wife if it wasn’t for his head injury, which cost him his life. Rick couldn’t celebrate his 33rd birthday after a fall from the fourth-floor balcony of the Le Plateau-Mont-Royal. After a thorough investigation, according to the police, his death was most likely a suicide. 

The reason for his death remains a mystery, but most of his dearly beloved believed that his death was purely accidental. However, coroner Melissa Gagnon ruled his death was accidental, for it was concluded that Genest’ died of head trauma after hitting his head on the sidewalk and noted that he had taken a high level of alcohol in his body, followed by traces of cannabis.

Also, he had not left a suicide note or any evidence of him that could lead to suicide.

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