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Richard Kirshenbaum is Married to Wife: Dana Kirshenbaum.

Image of Richard Kirshenbaum with his wife, Dana Kirshenbaum

After the COVID-19 Pandemic hit the entire world by storm, businesses have looked into leveling up their advertising and branding; this is where Richard Kirshenbaum comes in. He is dubbed by many in the business world as “one of the most sought-after personalities” when it comes to marketing in this digitalized world.

While commoners and regular citizens may not be familiar with his name, big companies such as Jergens, Target, Coach, Snapple, Hennessy, and even BMW, are all clients of his own company. The Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners agency was first created by Richard back in 1987, during the times when he was still a young kid fresh from graduation.

Nowadays, he handles many businesses because aside from his first company, he is also the CEO and the Founder of a creative brand studio named NSG/SWAT. It is an elite branding agency with clients such as Starwood Hotels, the New York Knicks, New York Rangers, Jockey, and even II Palagio.

In addition to his business ventures, he is also an educator at the Harvard Business School and has shared his immense knowledge in finance and entrepreneurship with aspirants. In this ever-changing and fast-paced world, people like him are the go-to of most successful brands because he has proved time and time again that his methods work.

Richard Kirshenbaum is Married to his wife Dana Kirshenbaum.

Image of Richard Kirshenbaum with his wife, Dana Kirshenbaum
Richard Kirshenbaum with his wife, Dana Kirshenbaum

Sadly, there is no definite month or year Richard Kirshenbaum’s wife, and he tied the knot and called themselves husband and wife, despite their familiarity and social status. However, as many believe, Richard Kirshenbaum’s wife Dana has been his wife for years, and the couple just decided to keep things about it private between them.

Moreover, several speculations suggest that the couple has quite the age gap between them, with people believing that money and power attracted Dana to marry him. While these remains rumors, it is interesting that people are bringing this idea up considering how wealthy this couple is, often stemming from jealousy and envy of their riches.

Richard Kirshenbaum’s Previous Relationships

Like many of the things in the entrepreneur’s life, his dating history and romantic relationships are something that is not often talked about. He is relatively silent on this subject and would almost always prefer that the media and the people would keep their noise away from the said topic.

However, given that he is good-looking and extremely wealthy, he may have had quite a few flings and failed relationships here and there before meeting Dana.

Dana Kirshenbaum’s Biography

Richard Kirshenbaum’s wife Dana is one woman we all know is as wealthy and powerful but have limited information about her. Although we do not know much about her, it is interesting that she has worked as an Entertainment & Media Publicist before settling in with the businessman.

Richard Kirshenbaum’s Kids

Image of Richard Kirshenbaum with his wife, Dana Kirshenbaum, and their kids, Talia, Georgia, and Lucas
Richard Kirshenbaum with his wife, Dana Kirshenbaum, and their kids, Talia, Georgia, and Lucas

Fortunately for us, we got the names of their three beautiful children: Talia, Georgia, and Lucas. Sadly, their information such as age, birthday, and educational backgrounds are out the window, and these three kids are undoubtedly living their best lives with their parents.

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