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Is Richard Dean Anderson Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Richard Dean Anderson is what people would call a veteran actor because he spent a considerable part of his life working in the show business industry. His works involve General Hospital, the 80s version of MacGyver, Pandora’s Clock, and as the leading actor for many of the Stargate films and shows.

At the current age of 72, he has reached the epoch of his acting career and has seen many generations of celebrities pass by him. Amid all of the achievements and milestones he has gathered throughout his life, his career was also plagued with undying controversies and issues.

One of the most infamous rumors surrounding him was whether he and his former co-star Amanda Tapping became a couple. Various sources would confirm the allegations, while others would deny them.

We will settle this gossip once and for all.

Curious about the romantic life of veteran actor and producer Richard Dean Anderson? We’ll answer questions about his personal and romantic life in the article below.

When did the rumors about their relationship start?

Image of Richard Dean Anderson
Richard Dean Anderson is an American actor and producer.

Like every other story, rumors and gossips also have their history. News such as that does not appear in thin air and instantly spreads like wildfire.

It all started when the two met each other as co-stars in the hit-action sci-fi TV series Stargate SG-1. The franchise became a hit due to its premise of military personnel fighting foreign enemies and defending the earth from their mischievous agendas.

And just what fans almost always do, they ship actors with each other, creating a romantic fantasy between their favorite stars. Because of the intense chemistry that these two talented celebrities share, people were quick to believe the rumors and started speculating that they were dating.

Interestingly, the same news ran over the ten seasons that the show was active on TV.

Is Amanda Tapping Richard Dean Anderson’s Wife?

We are putting this case on rest because we can confirm that the actress Amanda Tapping is not in a romantic relationship with Richard Dean Anderson nor she is Richard Dean Anderson’s Wife. The two are also not married and did not become a couple before.

Officially, the two are not married because they had their respective partners. Amanda is married to Allan Kovacs, another actor that also appeared in the same show together with the two.

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