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Richard Cabral is Married to Wife: Janiece Sarduy. Kids.

Image of Richard Cabral with his wife, Janiece Sarduy

With people of color and other cultures now being raised and represented in modern-day media, actors like Richard Cabral are showing the world what Hispanics are capable of. Born in the city of Los Angeles, California, in the United States, the actor came from a rich culture of Mexican-American family and was raised in the streets of the US.

He had a very troubling childhood filled and destroyed by poverty, gang violence, substance, and other challenges that the slums face daily. It is believed that when he was still a young boy, he got separated from his parents and his path turned into a very horrendous and criminal way that a kid does not deserve.

At 13 years old, he was already pickpocketing and stealing wallets from bystanders and random citizens; At the same time, the consequences of his action did not immediately take effect; they caught up with him. And eventually, he was already charged with criminal acts as a teenager and soon spiraled into substance abuse and, later on, violent shootings.

After he left prison when he was 25 years old, he decided that his path of crime and violence needed to stop, and he made sure that he would succeed in his life one day. Finally, he started getting acting and musical gigs from here and there, and through hardwork and dedication, he is now being cast as a series regular in many shows over the past decade.

Is actor and writer Richard Cabral already married? What happened to his romantic life? Take a look at this article to know more about him.

Richard Cabral has been married to his wife Janiece Sarduy since 2014

Image of Richard Cabral with his wife, Janiece Sarduy
Richard Cabral with his wife, Janiece Sarduy

We all know how people would often look at your past and judge you based on what you have done before; luckily for him, Richard Cabral’s wife Janiece is not like that. She loved him amid the stares and the looks that her partner often gets from people and supported him to let him be the best version of himself, away from all evil and leaving his past behind.

The couple decided to make things official between them as husband and wife in 2014 when they became one in holy matrimony in front of close friends and family members. Richard Cabral’s wife is a woman that showed him the beauty of this world, and they are celebrating their eighth year of marriage this 2022.

Richard Cabral’s Previous Relationships

People have believed that the actor has been in other relationships before, mainly because his past is dark and also the fact that he has a son before meeting his current partner. Although we don’t get to have the details of the first girlfriend or lover that had, we are all glad that Janiece is ready to take responsibility for raising a wonderful boy and being the stepmom.

Janiece Sarduy’s Biography

Richard Cabral’s Wife, Janiece Sarduy, is surprisingly a fellow writer, actress, and dancer. She has repeatedly stated in various interviews that her relationship with the star slows down the pursuit of her passion for dancing and acting and more on raising their kids.

She is happy that despite their differences as a couple, with people releasing rumors of them being divorced, they thrive through it and stay as one happy family.

Richard Cabral’s Kids

Image of Richard Cabral with his kids
Richard Cabral with his kids

Even though the names of their kids are not available to the public’s knowledge, it is known that they have four beautiful kids of their own, two of which are girls, and the other two are boys.

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