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Richard Blais is Married to Wife: Jazmin Zepeda Blais. Kids.

Image of Richard Blais with his wife, Jazmin Zepeda Blais, and their kids, Riley Maddox and Embry Lotus Blais

Richard Blais is a well-known chef, actor, and author from the USA. His interpretation of traditional American dishes earned him a spot on the cooking reality show Top Chef, and he is famous for his participation in the show.

After finishing in second place during the fourth season of Top Chef, Blais eventually went on to win Top Chef: All-Stars several years later. Blais, born and raised in New York City, left the city in the year 2000 for Atlanta, Georgia, where he opened his restaurant named Fishbone.

At first, Richard was dissatisfied with traditional Southern ingredients, but with time, Richard discovered ways to elevate them in his unique approach. Trail Blais is a creative culinary enterprise that he started.

Trail Blais is responsible for the design, construction, and operation of some of the most well-known restaurants in Atlanta. Do you want to know Richard Blais’ wife, Jazmin Zepeda Blais? Her biography and their kids together? Then continue reading to learn more.

Richard Blais and Jazmin Zepeda Blais’ Married Life

Image of Richard Blais with his wife, Jazmin Zepeda Blais
Richard Blais with his wife, Jazmin Zepeda Blais

Around the beginning of the 2000s, Richard met the woman who would become the love of his life, Jazmin Zepeda Blais. At the time, she worked as a bartender in the Atlanta area while also pursuing her studies.

Shortly after that, the two fell in love with one another, and on April 8, 2006, they tied the knot in an elegant ceremony. At that moment, not only did they have a sense of trust in one another, but they also had a love that was not conditional and an understanding of one another.

Because of this, when Richard reached a point where he couldn’t even physically identify himself in the mirror any longer, his wife assisted him in losing the extra weight he had gained.  Richard had allowed his long workdays of only cooking and tasting to take over his existence at the time; as a result, when he agreed to create changes to his lifestyle, his wife Jazmin, who used to be a trainer, inspired him at every step of the way.

The couple ran together; she assisted Richard in locating alternatives to foods rich in calories and even encouraged him when he began to prioritize nutrition over other aspects of his health. Richard’s long workdays had become his entire existence.

Jazmin Zepeda Blais’ Biography

Palm Harbor, Florida, is her hometown, where she spent her entire childhood. Jazmin is the host of a podcast and also happens to be married to the famous chef Richard.

Richard Blais‘ wife studied at the University of Florida and went on to earn a degree from Emory University. Jazmin and Richard first crossed paths right before Jazmin received her diploma. At that point in time, she had been working as a bartender.

The beginning of Richard and Jazmin can be traced back to when Richard’s wife applied to work at the restaurant where Richard was the head chef. When Richard first saw Jazmin, he immediately realized that he wanted to establish a relationship with her, but, in his own words, the renowned chef wished to improve his health to serve her better.

Unfortunately, there is no information about Jazmin’s parents, birth date, and age as she doesn’t disclose any information about them.

Richard Blais’ Kids

Image of Richard Blais with his kids, Riley Maddox and Embry Lotus Blais
Richard Blais with his kids, Riley Maddox and Embry Lotus Blais

 I. Riley Maddox Blais

 She is the eldest child and daughter of the renowned chef Richard and his lovely wife, Jazmin. Riley was born on May 29, 2008, and is currently 14 years old.

II. Embry Lotus Blais

 She is Richard’s youngest child and daughter of Richard and his wife, Jazmin. Embry was born on February 6, 2011, and is currently 11 years old.

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