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Remi Warren is Married to Wife, Danielle Warren. Kids.

Image of Remi Warren with his wife, Danielle Warren

To be immersed in nature is one of outfitter Remi Warren’s mottos in life. As an expert in the outdoor fields, he continues to inspire others and share his knowledge so that we would also have the courage and take the adventure he had experienced.

Growing up, Warren was already exposed to such an environment. Since then, he has continued to strive to be the best in his field; even though there were a lot of trials and errors, he has learned numerous great lessons from his journey. 

After finishing his studies in high school, he pursued different aspects of the outdoor industry. 

Thus, becoming a hunting guide, outfitter, outdoor writer, photographer, videographer, and TV personality at a young age.

When he was 22, he started the Montana OutWest Outfitters in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana. His business specializing in hunting elk and deers expanded its operation in New Zealand and Africa.

Aside from this, he hosts Apex Predator on the Outdoor Channel as a TV personality. Through a series of techniques and methods, the show highlights the uniqueness of animals and how they survive in the wild. However, he considers the show his diary of adventures in the mountains.

Who is Remi Warren’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Remi Warren has been Married to Wife Danielle Warren since April 2018

Image of Remi Warren with his wife, Danielle Warren
Remi Warren with his wife, Danielle Warren

Before the couple tied the knot, Remi Warren’s wife suffered from a terrible incident in which Remi came in time to rescue her. The pair might have broken up before it happened, but he is Danielle’s knight in shining armor.

In Remi’s appearance in The Joe Regan Experience, he described how saving Danielle’s life in Nevada was his life’s best and worst day. A search and rescue team was sent out when Remi Warren’s wife went missing for three days. 

Locals in the area reported that a vehicle with a Mexican plate number was found when she disappeared; thus, speculations of abduction occurred. Nevertheless, the team continued searching until Remi found a set of tracks different from the area’s animals.

He followed along the path while calling out to Remi Warren’s wife-to-be at that time and luckily heard a weak response. After she was taken by the paramedics and received proper medical attention, she said she had gone on a hike but had lost too much water, resulting in severe dehydration, confusion, and memory loss.

After that, Remi took Danielle to be his wife on April 4, 2018, in a medieval stone in New Zealand. The wedding was held privately and attended by their families and loved ones. Since then, the two seem to grow more fond of each other. 

 Danielle Warren’s Biography

As tough and skilled as Remi is in his career, he wouldn’t be completed without the support of his loving wife, Danielle. Even though he is always seen in tv shows and on the outdoor fields, little is known about his personal life, including details about his wife.

However, the outfitter always shares images on Instagram about his travels with his wife. A year after their wedding in 2018, Remi posted an appreciation post for his wife as it marks the day of their anniversary.

In his post, he had thought that his marriage would make him settle down and end his outdoor activities, but little did he know that it was the beginning of another great adventure, and this time, he now had a partner to share it with.

Remi Warren’s Kids 

Image of Remi Warren with his daughter, Wren Lucy
Remi Warren with his daughter, Wren Lucy

After a few years of marriage, Remi and Danielle’s love has come bearing gifts. During their Montana hunting trip, the couple discovered they were pregnant. 

After giving birth in late June 2021, Danielle’s husband announced her natural birth delivery and welcomed their daughter Wren Lucy into this world. As an excellent hunter, he compared his daughter’s birth to his experience in the outdoor field “To put it in hunter terms, the feeling I get when I look at my daughter is like constantly walking up on a 200-inch buck!”

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