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Raymond Cruz is Married to Wife: Simi Cruz. Kids.

Image of Raymond Cruz with his wife, Simi Cruz

“ I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the Danger” if you are familiar with this iconic line, you must be a follower of Heisenberg. Appearing in a few episodes of Breaking Bad is Raymond Cruz, who played the role of Hector Salamanca’s nephew, Tuco Salamanca.

From being a Breaking Bad actor, he also played on its spinoff called Better Call Saul. Thus, he was nominated for the “Best Performance in a Television Series” from the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror Films

He has also appeared in countless movies since the late 80s, such as Twice dead in 1988, and Out for Justice in 1991, My Name is Modesty in 2004, The Curse of La Llorona in 2019, and his latest film Blue Miracle last year. Other of his TV shows include A Nightmare on Drug Street in 1989, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in 1998, Daybreak in 2007, and Major Crimes in 2012.

Who is Raymond Cruz’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Raymond Cruz has been Married to his Wife, Simi Cruz, since the 90s

Image of Raymond Cruz with his wife, Simi Cruz
Raymond Cruz with his wife, Simi Cruz

Debuting his acting career in the movie Maid to Order in 1987, Breaking Bad star Raymond Cruz first met his wife, Simi Cruz, while he was still a struggling actor. It was love at first sight since the pair instantly clicked and later started dating.

Being married for three decades, Raymond Cruz’s wife and his love continue to keep their fire ablaze. Being an actress herself, Raymond Cruz’s wife knows his partner’s struggle and has supported him ever since, not only emotionally but also in making professional decisions.

Before the production of Cleveland Abduction, the actress persuaded Mr. Cruz to take the role of Ariel Castro. At first, Simi was reluctant for him to play the character, but they both agreed since he’ll take the role of a negative character. However, after reading the script, she insisted he take on the part. Recently, she said she did not like his husband’s character in Breaking Bad, Tuco Salamanca.

Simi Cruz’s Biography

Wife to a famous American Celebrity, It has been challenging for Raymond Cruz’s wife to keep the public’s eye away from her. However, the couple had managed to keep a low profile on their personal lives amid the fame. 

Seeing that Raymond is a family man, he tried to keep his family business a private matter and away from the public interest. Just like other celebrities, the Cruz couple kept their dating history to themselves and had a private wedding celebrated with only the people dearest to them. 

Even though they remain secretive about their personal lives, the pair sure is a match made in heaven and has love that will not end any time soon.

Raymond Cruz’s Kids

Even though Raymond and his wife have a solid and healthy marriage, there isn’t any information on whether the two already have kids or are expecting one soon. 

Considering the media has its eye on Simi’s husband, it would be impossible to keep a child out of the social frame if they ever have one. So, it is pretty likely the lovebirds are still enjoying each other’s company without bearing the responsibility of being a parent.

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