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Ranveer Brar is Married to Wife: Pallavi Brar. Kids: Ishaan.

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Image of Ranveer an Indian Celebrity chef, Producer, and Author

Ranveer Singh Brar is a television and internet celebrity chef, Masterchef India judge, author, restaurateur, food film producer, and benefactor from India. He has opened restaurants in India and overseas and curated the menus of a number of several food places.

Breakfast Xpress was his first television show, followed by Snack Attack, Homemade, and The Great Indian Rasoi, a travel-based cuisine research show. He went on to host series such as Health Bhi Taste Bhi and Ranveer’s Cafe, which included upcoming and established musical artists who were connected by their love of food and many others.

Along with fellow chefs Sanjeev Kapoor (Season 4), Vikas Khanna (both seasons), and Vineet Bhatia (Season 6) for seasons four and six of MasterChef India, which is based on the British competitive cooking game program MasterChef. Are you curious about Ranveer Brar’s marriage and kids?

Read more to find out.

Ranveer Brar is married to wife: Pallavi Brar       

Image of the Master Chef India Judge with his Wife
Master Chef India Judge with his Wife                

While there are no reports of Ranveer Brar’s love affairs, his love life is widely debated. Pallavi, a long-time girlfriend, married the chef after a long courtship.

Ranveer Brar’s wife’s name is frequently searched by his fangirls due to his attractive appearance, and his spouse is a woman whom countless females envy. His wife is a supportive one, and he never falls short of appreciating her.

On International Women’s Day 2016, Brar wrote a blog about the women who had influenced his life. Pallavi Brar, his wife, was mentioned and credited for his success.

The chef conceded that he would not have succeeded if it were not for his wife’s encouragement, but he insisted that his wife’s dynamic and optimistic nature had motivated him to strive. Brar praised his wife for balancing marriage, motherhood, and a profession and claimed that he could never be grateful for the simple things she did for him.

He stated that his wife took care of his family at home while away on business. Overall, the Season 4 Judge of MasterChef India shares his gratitude and orgy with a strong, supportive woman. 

Ranveer Brar’s Kids            

Image of Ranveer Brar with his son
Ranveer Brar with his son

After years of dating, they birthed to a lovely baby boy, Ishan Brar.  The couple’s son was born on December 1, 2014.

Brar’s wife and son often take shorter excursions together because he travels a lot for work. For longer trips, the family must be able to communicate via video calls.

Ranveer Brar stated in an interview with The Indian Express that he wants his son to be able to prepare biryani before he reaches five. 

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