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Is Popeye Jones Married to Wife? Or is he dating a girlfriend? Kids.

Image of Popeye Jones

American professional basketball player and assistant coach Ronald Jerome “Popeye” Jones works for the Denver Nuggets of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Popeye, his nickname, is named after a well-known cartoon character.

Jones competed for 11 seasons in the NBA (National Basketball Association) before trying to pursue a coaching career. At the same time, Jones was aware that he had much more to contribute to the profession he cherishes.

Additionally, Jones works exclusively as a 76ers assistant coach in Philadelphia.

Get to know more about the Basketball star, Popeye Jones’ love life, current doings, and his three talented sons.

Is Popeye Jones Married to Wife?

Popeye Jones was previously married. His wife was Amy Jones.

Although the two were married for an excellent length of time, the specific details of their wedding are undisclosed.

Unfortunately, Popeye and Amy’s relationship was not destined to remain long, and in 2009, after exchanging wedding vows, they decided to separate. Amidst being apart, the former couple still develops a great friendship.

According to some sources, Jones has confirmed getting remarried after divorcing his former spouse. He announced his marriage to an interviewer; however, he avoided personal information about his new half.

Popeye Jones’ Biography

Popeye, originally known as Ronald Jerome Popeye Jones, was born on June 17, 1950, and raised in Dresden, Tennessee, in the United States, where he had been active in football, basketball, baseball, and other sports.

Jones once confessed that sports, baseball was his initial love. However, there’s just something about basketball that captured him.

His mother was the one who named him popeye because, according to her mom,  Popeye was on TV when they returned home from the hospital following his birth.

About Jones’s parents, hardly much is known. However, it is certain from watching Popeye that his parents were very supportive and loving.

He received financial support to study at Kentucky’s Murray State University.

During his time at university, he achieved numerous achievements. Jones was chosen for the All-Ohio Valley Conference three times and received two All-America remarks.

Image of Popeye Jones with basketball

Jones also earned the OVC Player of the Year award in two respective years, 1990 &1991. Moreover, Jones was named OVC Athlete of the Year for the succeeding years.

The NBA’s 11 seasons of Jones’ basketball profession were not enough for him; he desired a future to coach other aspiring players.

Jones thus began working with the Dallas Mavericks as a player development coach. Then,  Jones secured a legitimate position as a coach with the Brooklyn Nets after serving as a player development coach from 2007 until 2010.

Furthermore, he was hired by the Indiana Pacers as an assistant coach in 2013. After that, he also worked for the Pacers for seven years (2013-20).

Popeye Jones’ Kids

Jones has three sons with his ex-wife, Amy: Justin, Seth, and Caleb Jones, who plays Ice hockey professionally. Although Jones’s sons all enjoyed playing basketball, they still chose to pursue professional careers in hockey.

His three sons respectively made the conscious decision to play ice hockey at an early age. Popeye said that although he never pushed his children play basketball, he dreamed in his heart that they would.

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