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Pokey LaFarge is not Married to Wife. Dating a girlfriend: Addie Hamilton

Image of Pokey LaFarge

Andrew Heissler, known professionally for his stage name Pokey LaFarge, is an American singer-songwriter born on the 26th day of June 1983. The thirty-nine-year-old musician is also an actor who appeared in The Devil All the Time, a 2020 crime drama film.

The American Folk Singer is also a guitarist and a mandolin player who created a self-titled touring band in addition to releasing several solo albums and performing with a group called South City Three. Pokey is renowned for being a multi-instrumentalist, fusing elements of jazz, ragtime, swing, and ragtime.

Read this article about Pokey LaFarge and his relationship with Addie Hamilton and see if he was married before. Also, learn if he has kids!

Pokey LaFarge is not Married to a Wife. Dating Girlfriend: Addie Hamilton

Image of Pokey LaFarge

Pokey LaFarge is an American musician, artist, and writer.

According to most information that can be found online, the American Folk singer is not dating anyone at present and does not have a girlfriend. Like most famous personalities, he makes an effort to keep his personal life private.

As a result, not much is known regarding his relationship status. However, it was stated that the American Folk Singer is touring with his girlfriend, Addie Hamilton, in an article published on the 20th day of October 2021 by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

He, with his girlfriend, has just begun his latest tour, which began with shows in Kansas City and Columbia in the state of Missouri. Instead of taking his entire band on the road with him, he is going with Addie, who is also a singer.

In a The Big Takeover interview published on the 14th day of October 2021, he stated that because his girlfriend is an excellent performer and songwriter in her own right, he will play things for her. And even sometimes, they will write together, and she most definitely helps edit his works.

Even though there has been no available information about their affair, they have been posted on each other’s Instagram account regularly, and their supporters hope that Addie will soon become Pokey LaFarge’s wife.

Addie Hamilton’s Biography

Image of Addie Hamilton

Addie Hamilton is an American singer, performer, and songwriter.

Addie is a singer and songwriter primarily based in Los Angeles, California. Regardless of her fame as a musician, she has kept most of her life from the general public.

When she was fifteen years old, Addie discovered her great-record grandmother’s player by accident and instantly fell in love with the classic sounds of Eartha Kitt, Benny Goodman, and Peggy Lee. Her obsession with jazz, swing, and R&B from the 1930s through the 1960s served as the foundation for developing her distinctive style.

When Pokey LaFarge’s wife-to-be and girlfriend was sixteen, she was already writing songs in the recording studio. As a result of this, her very first record was featured on a television network program with a vocal performance.

This song is likely to be submitted as a contender for an Emmy Award in the category of the best original music for daytime television. The year she turned seventeen saw the release of two cover videos on her YouTube channel.

The first was a jazz cover of “Blurred Lines,” originally performed by Robin Thicke. It was only natural that it would grow to over 1.5 million views, and her body of Peggy Lee’s “Fever” would soon follow closely behind.

She began working with the revolving music collective Post-Modern Jukebox one year after graduating high school. Each release they collaborated on reached number one on the iTunes Top Selling Jazz Charts.

Addie is currently putting the finishing touches on her debut album by working on projects with songwriters and producers who have won Grammy Awards. In December of 2021, her partner greeted her when they went out for dinner as an early celebration for Addie.

Though her exact birth date was not specified, she inevitably celebrates her birthday every December.

Pokey LaFarge’s Previous Relationships

According to a publication by the Riverfront Times, on the 17th day of May 2017, Pokey LaFarge’s wife before was someone named Megan Mae Newman, and they were about to move to Cherokee. Other than that, there have been no further details of the musician’s association with Megan, in contrast to reports that he has never been married before.

We will update the information about their affair in this article once the circumstance has taken place.

Pokey LaFarge’s Kids

At the moment, the American musician does not have kids yet. In addition, his social media accounts do not note him having kids yet, and he was never reported to have had kids in the past.
Pokey appears to wait for marriage before deciding to have children.

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