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Petr Yan is Married to Wife: Julia Yan. Kids: Daniil, Konstantin

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Image of Petr and Julia Yan with their kids, Daniil and Konstantin Yan

Petr Yan is a globally-known Russian professional mixed martial artist who rose to fame as an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter. Previously, he had competed in the company’s bantamweight division, where he was a UFC Bantamweight Champion in 2020 and 2021.

In addition, he had competed in Absolute Championship Berkut, a Russian MMA, kickboxing, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu company, where he was a former ACB Bantamweight Champion in 2015 and 2015. He is ranked #13 in the UFC men’s pound-for-pound rankings and #1 in the UFC bantamweight rankings.

If you are interested to learn about the Russian mixed martial artist Petr Yan’s wife, their kids, and marriage details, read this article and learn as you scroll further!

Petr Yan’s Marriage with Julia Yan

Image of Petr Yan with his wife, Julia Yan

Petr Yan with his wife, Julia Yan

The Russian MMA fighter is already a married man, tJulia’sis wiia. According to reports, they have known each other for a decade since he was 19, and they have been by each other’s side ever since.

Other than that, there has not been much shared about their relationship and marriage. The married couple has kept a secretive take on their life and relationship, which the public must respect.

As they have been together for a decade, their marriage has not been strained with any rumors of separation and cheating throughout the years. They live together with their two kids in Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russia.

Julia Yan’s Biography

Petr Yan’s wife celebrates her birthday every 1st day of July. Many speculate her age to be the same as her husband’s, which is in the late 20s.

Even in her husband’s rise to fame, she has kept a private life. She has done a great job as there is barely any information about her, including her parents, siblings, age, and education, among many others, about her basic information.

Regardless, it is evident that she has been a supportive wife to her husband since they had known each other when they were young. Also, Petr Yan’s wife is an amazing mother to their two kids as their children are seen with good manners, and they have kept a Christian household of their family.

No Wikipedia profile of Petr Yan’s wife, Julia Yan, has been made yetWewe will revise this article’s information and detai as soon as one is availablels.

Petr Yan’s kids

Image of Petr and Julia Yan with their kids, Daniil and Konstantin Yan

Petr and Julia Yan with their kids, Daniil and Konstantin Yan

The mixed martial artist has two children in total. Petr Yan’s wife had given birth to their two sons during their married life.

  1. Daniil Yan

He is the married couple’s firstborn who was brought into this world on the 29th day of July 2016. He is currently five years old.

  1. Konstantin Yan

Konstantin is the second and youngest child of the two, born on the 23rd day of June 2022, and he is presently a year old.

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