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Pete Golding is Married to Wife: Carolyn Golding. Kids: Braxton, Bentley, Bailey.

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Image of Pete and Carolyn with their kids

Pete Golding is a respected American football coach widely known by the public. He is the defensive coordinator for the American football team, Alabama Crimson Tide, which has represented the University of Alabama since 2018.

After two years of coaching for the team, they finally won a national championship in 2020 with his vast help. Check into this article to learn about Pete Golding’s wife, kids, and lives as you read more below. Don’t miss out!

Pete Golding is married to his wife Carolyn Golding since 2011

Image of Pete Golding with his wife, Carolyn Golding
Pete Golding with his wife, Carolyn Golding

According to the Crimson Tide defense coordinator’s Facebook profile, Pete Golding’s wife tied the knot with him in 2011. The wedding was held privately before their family and friends. No further details of their relationship prior to the couple’s unification are shared publicly by them.

After more than ten years of marriage, separation rumors between Pete and Carolyn Golding have not surfaced ever since. Their family of five lives happily and currently resides in the city of Tuscaloosa in Alabama.

Carolyn Golding’s biography

Image of Carolyn Goldings with his sons, William Braxton Golding and Bentley Golding
Carolyn Goldings with his sons, William Braxton Golding and Bentley Golding

Pete Golding’s wife was born Carolyn Eley on the 31st day of May 1985 in Cleveland, Mississippi, to parents Robert and Evelyn Eley; she is 36 years old. She attended a local high school in her hometown and the University of Mississippi, though her degree is unspecified.

Pete Golding’s wife works in the Accounting department of the University of Texas at San Antonio as a professor. Aside from being known as Pete Golding’s wife, she is an accountant and a lawyer, as shown in her LinkedIn profile.

She has been authorized to practice law and has been licensed since 2013. In addition, she also had a CPA license that has since expired.

Unfortunately, no Wikipedia profile of Pete Golding’s wife, Carolyn Golding, is available online. We will update the information in this article as soon as one is made.

Pete Golding’s Past controversies

In December of 2021, a video of a man resembling Pete Golding was seen hugging and carrying a cheerleader surfaced online after the Georgia versus Alabama game. When the man saw the camera and pointed at it, the cheerleader was horrified, as if she did not want them to be seen. It quickly caught the netizens’ attention.

The Crimson Tide coach received backlash after the video went viral as he was too close to the woman despite being married and a father of three. Thankfully, a certain Jake Long confirmed the man in the video as himself and cleared the coach of the controversy.

Jake and Pete’s resemblance is uncanny; that is why it is not a surprise most people thought he was Pete Golding. Jake Long is the team’s analyst who was a former player for the team. The woman seen with him is his girlfriend, Bregan Smith.

Pete Golding’s Kids

Image of Pete and Carolyn Golding's kids, William Braxton Golding, Bentley Golding, and Bailey Golding
Pete and Carolyn Golding’s kids, William Braxton Golding, Bentley Golding, and Bailey Golding

During their marriage, Pete Golding’s wife had given birth to all three of their children. They have two sons and a daughter.

  • William Braxton Golding
  • Bentley Golding
  • Bailey Golding

Aside from their kids’ names, other specificities regarding them, including birth dates and ages, are not known to the general public.

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