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Paul Wall is Married to Wife: Crystal Slayton. Kids: Noelle, William Patrick

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Image of Paul Wall with his ex-partner, Crystal Slayton, and their kids, Noelle and William Patrick

Paul Wall is a prominent American rapper and singer of the Hip Hop genre. He is famous for his works on Swishahouse Records and made a lot of collaborations with other rappers in the industry.

On March 11, 1981, he was born in the United States of America. Paul’s parents separated when he was a child, and his single mother raised him.

It is evident that he was interested in rapping and singing during his childhood. But he pursues studying business and mass speaking courses.

After many years, he turned the tables on his career when he chose rap to fulfill his music and singing interests. He won the Ozone Awards in 2006 for accomplishing his work for TasteMaker. In 2007, he was nominated for Best Rap Performance to his own music, “Grillz.”

He also supported the Black Lives Matter movement since he likes people who treat each other equally and fairly.

If you are interested in the American rapper Paul Wall’s wife and their married life, kindly refer to his article to witness his journey in life and their kids with his beloved wife.

Paul Wall is Married to Wife, Crystal Slayton since 2005

Image of Paul Wall with his ex-partner, Crystal Slayton
Paul Wall with his ex-partner, Crystal Slayton

A grammy-nominated rapper tied his knot with his lovely wife, Crystal Slayton, on October 22, 2005. After one year of dating, they decided to be married and build their own family.

Paul and Crystal didn’t go on their honeymoon and decided to watch Houston Astros at their home, unlike other newlyweds. They choose to watch together with their first appearance in the World Series that brings a history.

Reminiscing on their past, they first meet each other during their college days. These couples didn’t attend the same schools, but an opportunity led them to meet by attending adjacent schools.

Time passes, and the famous rapper sees her again in a club selling some CDs. There’s an instance wherein the CDs got damaged, but it became the reason to meet up with her again.

There is no humor of misunderstanding or issues after the marriage. Their love connection is deeper and never-ending since they are incredibly committed and compassionate to one other.

Paul Wall’s Past Relationships

In accordance with the American rapper’s past relationships, partners, and breakups, there is no detailed information given. He remained to be private about his relationships and shows he’s loyalty toward his loved ones.

He only had one relationship, which is Crystal Slayton. She appears to be his sole lover, companion, and loving wife, with whom he wants to spend his entire life.

Crystal Slaton’s Biography

Paul Wall’s wife and her information, such as year of birth, family background, and even her parent’s information, remains private and not public.

But she mentioned her place of birth, Houston, and birth date on the 20th of December.

She also has a fitness studio named MixFitz, wherein she influences other people’s diets and lifestyles. In 2003, Crystal collaborated with the American Heart Association, which helps to give greater knowledge on the importance of being aware and how to prevent strokes.

Paul supports him with her desire and even respects how she discloses any information about her.

Paul Wall’s Kids: Noelle and William Patrick

Image of Paul Wall with his ex-partner, Crystal Slayton, and their kids, Noelle and William Patrick
Paul Wall with his ex-partner, Crystal Slayton, and their kids, Noelle and William Patrick

Paul Wall’s wife has given birth to all his two kids. Their eldest is William Patrick, who was born in 2006. While the cutest girl Noelle was welcomed into the world two years after his brother.

Unluckily, the famous artist and his son experienced a horrible car crash in November 2018. They both survived but still had severe wounds after the incident.

He stated to the public that he’s grateful and blessed that his passengers and beloved son survived that horrific accident.

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