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Paul Pogba is Married to Wife: Zulay Pogba. Kids.

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Image of Paul Pogba with his wife, Zulay Pogba, and their son

Paul Pogba is a French footballer who currently plays for the Premier League football club Manchester United. Depending on the situation, a center midfielder can also play as an attacking midfielder, an attacking midfielder, and a deep-lying playmaker.

Paul Pogba began his professional career with Ligue 1 side Le Havre as a junior player in 2007, before a lengthy transfer to Manchester United two years later. Despite making his senior debut with Manchester United two years later, he was forced to leave after only a handful of appearances and join Juventus in Italy on a free transfer in 2012.

While there, he helped Juventus win four straight Serie A titles, two Coppa Italia, and two Supercoppa Italiana titles. Do you want to know about the French footballer Paul Pogba’s wife and their kids?

Then read this article to learn more.

Paul Pogba and Zulay Pogba’s Marriage

Image of Paul Pogba with his wife, Zulay Pogba

Paul Pogba with his wife, Zulay Pogba

The French midfielder Paul Pogba flew to Los Angeles in 2017 to compete in the International Champions Cup (ICC) with his current team, Manchester United. He met his future wife, Zulay Pogba, in Los Angeles.

In the said state, while recovering from a hamstring injury, he fell in love with the woman who would become his future wife, Maria Zulay Salaues. It is said that the prospective couple instantly connected and fell in love with one another immediately.

Following a period spent with Paul Pogba, Zulay made occasional trips to Manchester to see him. She also accompanied Pogba to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia to show her support for him there.

Several Zulay’s appearances at Manchester United games have been made so that he can cheer on Pogba. It is not known for sure when the pair tied the knot, but many speculate that it took place in 2018 at the earliest, since their firstborn child was brought into the world in early 2019.

There has been no issue.

Zulay Pogba’s Biography

Maria Zulay Pogba Salaues, commonly known as Zulay Pogba, is the name of the woman who is married to the well-known football star Paul Pogba. Robore, Bolivia, was the location of her birth on the 16th day of November 1994; she was born in a Christian neighborhood.

She is presently 27 years old. Zulay Pogba has two lovely sisters named Carla and Gabriela Salaues. At the University of Bolivia, Paul Pogba’s wife pursued her education in Business Administration; however, she could not complete her degree because she decided instead to pursue a profession in real estate as an agent.

Nevertheless, she eventually moved on from the real estate industry to pursue a career in modeling and as a social media influencer. Paul Pogba’s wife was raised in a Christian community and was a Christian until she converted to Islam after marrying the football star.

She has more than 700k followers on Instagram, and because she has a work permit, she is currently living in Miami.

Paul Pogba’s wife is a delighted partner of Paul Pogba, with whom she shares responsibility for raising their two children.

Paul Pogba’s Kids

Image of Paul Pogba with his wife, Zulay Pogba, and their kids

Paul Pogba with his wife, Zulay Pogba, and their kids

  1. Labile Shakur Pogba

He is the footballer Paul’s son with his wonderful wife, Zulay. Labile Shakur’s birthday is on the 3rd day of January 2019, making him age three; he is the oldest child among the two.

  1. Name Unavailable

The name, birth date, place, and exact age of Paul Pogba and his wife Zulay’s additional son are unbeknownst to the general public. However, you should not be concerned because if any new information regarding their son becomes available, we will certainly update this article.

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