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Is Paul Johansson Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

Image of Paul Johansson with his son, Quinn Johansson

Many actors have ventured into other fields to widen their capabilities and develop a different level of understanding of the entertainment industry, and one of them is Paul Johansson. He is a well-known Canadian actor and director and played many acting roles in showbiz projects.

The professional actor was born in Spokane, Washington, the United States, on January 26, 1964, and is now 58. Many people expected that he would follow his father’s footsteps in the ice hockey sport, but he chose a different path by learning how to act in films and series and direct them.

He appeared in several movies, and television shows, including When the Party’s Over, She’s So Lovely, Carnival of Souls, Edge of Madness, They Came from Outer Space, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, and The 5 Mrs. Buchanans. The famous director became a vital tool in a few series like One Tree Hill and Van Helsing.

Undoubtedly, Johansson has received recognition and success in his life by exploring the showbiz industry, but many people wonder if he has time to find love with a busy schedule. Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding Paul Johansson’s wife, partner, love life, and children.

Is Paul Johansson Married to Wife?

Image of Paul Johansson
Paul Johansson is an American-born Canadian actor and director in film and television.

Social media platforms have played a role in many people’s lives, especially now that the world has been more technologically enhanced. Paul Johansson’s wife did not escape the rumors of internet users after the actor rose to fame for delivering his roles very well.

Many people wonder who Paul Johansson’s wife is and if she is giving the director motivation to push more in his career. Our team found reliable sources about Paul Johansson’s wife, and we discovered that she is not by the actor’s side.

Yes, Paul Johansson’s wife does not exist, and he remains a single man at the moment. Fans were surprised that the professional director is single since he has good looks and a good physique that women would die for.

Moreover, there are no pictures and videos on social media platforms and media outlets that show Paul Johansson’s wife. It means he is really single and maybe ready to mingle to find the woman who will love and support what he does in life.

Johansson’s Instagram account gathered more than 210,000 followers, and the numbers are growing. The more followers he gains, the more questions come into his life because many people are getting more interested in his relationship status.

Paul has been active in the entertainment industry since 1989, and no wonder women love to see him act in some showbiz projects. Some express their love by commenting on his social media posts and saying they want to date him.

The famous actor did not release a statement about whether he is ready to commit to another relationship, but fans hope he is. Paul’s supporters worry about him since he is nearing his 60s, and someone needs to be Paul Johansson’s wife so that she can take care of him.

Our team will gather more information regarding the actor’s love life. We will update this article once there are details about Paul Johansson’s wife.

Paul Johansson’s Past Relationships and Ex-wife

Image of Paul Johansson with his former partner, Gabriela Oltean
Paul Johansson with his former partner, Gabriela Oltean

Being active in the entertainment industry for a long time, Paul had encountered many women in his life that became his partner. We will discuss the past relationships of the professional actors, so keep reading this article.

Paul has been in a relationship with Kelly Rutherford. They started dating and hanging out in 1989 but quickly ended their relationship.

The former couple did not reveal any information about their separation. Johansson then was involved in a romantic connection with Kim Henderson in 1992, and they were spotted in public places being intimate.

However, their relationship only lasted for a year when news found that they parted ways. Paul and Kim chose not to release statements about the breakup reasons.

Johansson’s next relationship became memorable for his fans after marrying Gabriela Oltean. They married in 2001, and the couple continued appearing in social gatherings and events since Oltean is also a famous actress and designer.

Furthermore, their relationship started to fall apart, and later on, they decided to end their marriage in 2005. After his divorce from Gabriela, Johansson dated Katherine Bailess in 2005 and had a good start with her.

In 2006, the actor released a statement saying he had already separated from Katherine and was no longer dating. He also dated a woman named Stephanie Ann in 2019, but fans speculated that they broke up because the actor no longer posts about her.

Johansson also became involved in a messy relationship with Mercedes Connor. Their relationship details were not released to the public.

Paul Johansson’s Kids

Image of Paul Johansson with his son, Quinn Johansson
Paul Johansson with his son, Quinn Johansson

Many people wonder if Johansson has children since he dates several women in the past. They believe he had kids with them since some of them dated the actor for a long time.

According to sources, Johnasson has a child with Gabriela Oltean, who he married in 2001. Their son is named Quinn Johansson, and his exact birthdate and birthplace were not revealed to the public.

Johansson also had a child with Mercedes Connor, and they had a legal battle because of the sleeping pills issue. Paul claimed that Connor gives their child sleeping pills to make him sleep at night.

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