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Patrick Bet-David is Married to Wife: Jennifer Bet-David. Kids.

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Image of Patrick Bet-David with his wife, Jennifer Bet-David, and their kids

Many entrepreneurs in the world achieved a wealthy life with their hardwork, and one of them is Patrick Bet-David. People have recognized him for his marketing strategy and entrepreneurial tips that made his businesses grow.

Bet-David was born in Iran on October 18, 1978, and is now 43. The famous businessman rose to fame after establishing a company called PHP Agency. The company primarily focuses on giving health insurance and annuities to people.

Aside from entering the insurance world, Patrick also risked a part of his career after starting a media company named Valuetainment. Many people acknowledged his YouTube channel after showing interviews that discussed various things in society.

There is no denying that Patrick has successfully made a name for himself and is continuously reaching his goals but does he have time to have a family despite having many businesses? Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding Patrick Bet-David’s wife, partner, love life, and children.

Patrick Bet-David is Married to Wife, Jennifer Bet-David, since 2009

Image of Patrick Bet-David with their wife, Jennifer Bet-David
Patrick Bet-David with their wife, Jennifer Bet-David

People cannot deny that the famous entrepreneur is good-looking and could catch women’s hearts instantly. Some aspiring entrepreneurs do not just want to know the business techniques but also Patrick Bet-David’s wife.

The couple has been married for many years, and people are intrigued by how they kept their marriage solid despite challenges and conflicts. Patrick and Jennifer met each other in an agency where they both work.

In almost six years, they started to develop feelings and go out to eat and hang out in different places. After the two have processed all of their thoughts and ideations about each other, Patrick Bet-David’s wife decides to marry the entrepreneur.

Patrick Bet-David’s wife did not hesitate to say yes to their wedding after a year of dating her co-worker. With all the happenings in their lives, it seems like there was a spark that made the pair quit their jobs and risk everything.

The businessman and his wife came up with a mutual decision to start their own company. In an interview, Patrick Bet-David’s wife stated that they have balanced traits as she is a logical thinker, and Patrick was always the visionary.

Ensuring that everything is in order and organized is the job of Patrick Bet-David’s wife as she is the acting executive vice president of their well-known company named PHP Agency. Who would have thought that you and your co-worker, who met in 2002, would be married and build a successful business?

Indeed, the pair’s story is very inspiring and could give many young people to engage and enter the business world. There was no sign of separation or divorce for the couple, and they are living a quiet life with their four children.

Jennifer Bet-David’s Biography

Patrick Bet-David’s wife always wanted to live a lowkey life, so she did not share much information about her details. However, she has been very open about what she went through before success.

Jennifer loved to ride horses when she was a teenager and was often described as a country girl who prioritizes having a farm life. Her life changed after being hired at Oakwood Apartments & Corporate housing.

She tried to venture into the acting world but did not like it as she did not appreciate how hard it was to earn a small amount of money. After being able to work in real estate, she was then hired by an insurance agency based in Encino, California, the United States.

Jennifer had to take a training course in the new company, and that is when she met Patrick. Ever since the pair started working with each other, they have shared business strategies and were able to persuade clients effectively.

Patrick Bet-David’s Kids

Image of Patrick Bet-David with his wife, Jennifer Bet-David, and their kids
Patrick Bet-David with his wife, Jennifer Bet-David, and their kids

With the success of their company and marriage, the couple thought that they were stable enough to build a family. Patrick Bet-David’s wife gave birth to four children named Patrick “Tico” Bet-David, Senna Rose Bet-David, Brooklyn Ivy Bet-David, and Dylan Bet-David.

Patrick “Tico” was born in February 2012, Senna Rose on May 27, 2016, Dylan in September 2013, and Brooklyn Ivy on June 26, 2021. In an Instagram post by Patrick, he greeted everyone with a happy mother’s day showing his wife, four children, and relatives.

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