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Is Patrice O’Neal Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Patrice O’Neal with his wife, Vondecarlo Brown

Patrice Lumumba Malcolm O’Neal was a renowned entertainer and actor from the USA, commonly known as Patrice O’Neal. He was recognized for his stand-up comedy career and occasional appearances on “Tough Crowd” with Colin Opie, Anthony, and Quinn.

In 1992, O’Neal started performing stand-up and established an act based on audience interaction, deconstructionist analysis, and even combative points of view. The Black Phillip Show was broadcast on XM Satellite Radio from 2006 through 2008.

Nine months before his death from a stroke induced by type 2 diabetes, he published his only stand-up comedy special, Elephant in the Room (2011). A POSTHUMOUS FOLLOW-UP, Mr. P (2012) was released only in audio format. Are you interested in the renowned entertainer Patrice O’Neal’s Wife?

Is he married to one? Then continue reading to learn more.

Patrice O’Neal was not Married to Wife: Dating a Girlfriend, Vondecarlo Brown.

Image of Patrice O’Neal with his girlfriend, Vondecarlo Brown
Patrice O’Neal with his girlfriend, Vondecarlo Brown

Vondecarlo Brown, O’Neal’s longstanding love and fiancée, who he sometimes referred to as his wife, is one of the persons still living today due to O’Neal’s passing away. O’Neal’s death allowed these people to continue their lives.

Even though O’Neal and his fiancée Vandecarlo did not have any kids together, O’Neal had a significant presence in the lives of their daughter Amilyom. The latter was born in 2000 as the consequence of a previous relationship. O’Neal passed away in November of 2012, and as a result, the wedding that was scheduled to take place in December had to be postponed.

When O’Neal passed away, He and his girlfriend had been together for over a decade; they were very much in love and were very close to where they could get married. However, O’Neal’s death put their plans for marriage in jeopardy.

It is unknown about their married lives, but if any new information becomes available, don’t worry because we will update this site with further details as soon as it becomes available.

Vondecarlo Brown’s Biography

A comedian herself, Brown has dedicated herself to maintaining the legacy of the man she claims to have had a relationship with, who died in 2012. In addition to her commercials for Disney’s Aladdin Carnival Cruise Lines and Match, she has also appeared in worldwide ad campaigns and national advertisements for companies such as GNC and more.

Von Decarlo is a New York-based stand-up entertainer, producer, and author of the famous book called “Speak Fluent Man.” Her notable television appearances are on the” Jerry O Show” on FOX, “Buzzfeed,” and more.

Patrice O’Neal’s wife has also appeared on the Lil’ Rel and at the Just For Laughs carnival in Montreal. Patrice O’Neal’s wife performed her famous show called “Lasagna” at The People’s Improv Theatre to a sold-out audience and glowing reviews as a student of the UCB improvisation curriculum and the receiver of the UCB diversity scholarship.

Mr. P, Unreleased, and The Lost Files were all Von Decarlo-produced albums featuring Patrice O’Neal. Along with Comedy Central and All Things Humor, she is Executive Producer on the approved Patrice O’Neal documentary.

She also wrote the music for his Comedy Central show “Elephant in the Room.” She is spearheading this eagerly anticipated documentary on his life and legacy to ensure that his memory and comedy will be preserved and brought to the next generation.

Patrice O’Neal’s Kids

I. Amilyom O’Neal

She was the daughter of the renowned entertainer Patrice O’Neal and his ex-girlfriend, whose information is not available. Amilyon was born in 2000 and is currently 22 years old.

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