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Pat McAfee Wife Samantha Ludy and Kids

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Images of the former Indianapolis Colts punter's wife, Samantha Ludy

Pat McAfee, whose full name is Patrick Justin McAfee, has been taking over the WWE ever since quitting the national football game in February 2017. `This former NFL player for Indianapolis Colts had previously worked as a sports analyst for Fox Sports and ESPN before becoming a full-time commentator at WWE’s SmackDown. Let’s get a deeper insight into the life of Pat McAfee and his wife.

After the exposure in the sports industry, Pat has gained millions of fans who have a keen interest in his marital life. To the fans’ query, Pat is a married man as of 2021. Pat’s spouse is not a famous figure like her husband. However, ever since associating with Pat, she has risen to prominence as well. Moreover, the 34-year-old Pat’s marriage is a recent one.

Samantha Ludy

The former Indianapolis Colts punter’s wife is indeed Samantha Ludy. While Samantha’s husband prefers to delve into sports, Samantha is a pet lover who is a certified dog, and cat CPR with qualifications fin veterinary science from the Southern Indiana University.

Besides this, born on 2nd May 1987, this native of Indiana is the founder of a non-profit foundation known as Fur the Brand. Fur the Brand came into existence ever since she lost one of her pets due to cancer. This loss evoked a sense of awareness in Samantha to help the pets suffering from cancer, which her Brand does best.

Indeed, Samantha’s love for pets is unparallel, and it is clear from her Twitter handle too. Samantha also has a passion for tattoos, as she has inked her right arm.


Pat shocked the world by announcing his marriage to Samantha in early 2019. In February 2019, Pat officially declared his engagement with Samantha through his social media.

However, the following year, Pat took Samantha on a trip to the islands of Hawaii. Pat hired an expensive helicopter for private riding to an unknown island of Hawaii. After landing in a sweet spot with a waterfall and greenery, Pat got down to his knees and proposed Samantha to be his lifelong partner. Without a doubt, Samantha accepted Pat’s proposal.

Pat, being a comedian, mentioned how they both laughed and cried in front of the waterfall but later had sandwiches. No matter what, Pat calls himself the luckiest guy.

It was 1st August 2020, when Pat and Samantha walked down the aisle at Indiana’s Coxhall Gardens.

But Pat’s wedding was unlike anything. Where grooms would usually wear a proper two-piece suit, Pat did something extraordinary. While the upper part of his wardrobe had a premium black blazer, he wore a half tux below instead of pants. However, Samantha was wearing a long sleeveless gown made by Kleinfeld Bridal.

But the unorthodox does not stop there as Pat ordered mini-fridges, poker cards, dartboard, and an Xbox One in his wedding registry.

Samantha Ludy smiling with his husband, Pat Mcafee
The former Indianapolis Colts punter, Pat Mcafee, and his wife, Samantha Ludy.

Married Life

Though Pat and Samantha do not talk much about their life as couples, it is sure that they have a wonderful life. Pat and Samatha have known each other for a while now. Also, Samantha is always in support of her husband’s work, be it podcast hosting, philanthropic works, etc.


Since Pat McAfee and Samantha were wedded recently, they do not share a child. Moreover, the couple never wanted to conceive a child before marriage as they wish to stick to the rule of having one only after marriage.

Looking at Pat’s busy schedule now that he is working with the WWE, he may have to wait a little longer to raise a child. As a WWE employee, Pat has to travel to different states every week, which distances him from his family.

Besides this, Pat mentioned that he never read a child’s book. He does not know what contents are available in a kid’s books. But if Pat were to author a book for children, he would write how growing up is difficult and working harder.

Though Pat and Samantha do not share any child, they have their canine friends whom they treat as their children. As of now, they have two dogs, two frogs, and four cats. Some of these pets also appeared in Pat and Samantha’s wedding photos. Unfortunately, one of the dogs, named Valerie, has cancer.

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