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Is Pat Kane Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Pat Kane

Many musician activists have emerged and have spoken out about issues that are flooding our society, but one of them stands out: Pat Kane. Born Patrick Mark Kane, he made rounds for being a vocally active musician, journalist, and political activist, often criticizing the way leader of various governments around the world handle their nations.

His speeches and often verbal wake-up calls for these authorities are directed mainly towards his own country’s handle on societal and economic problems. During the height of Scotland’s fight for freedom in the 80s until the 90s, the musician was pivotal in raising awareness of its independence from the United Kingdom.

He, alongside many protesters, showed their support for self-government that allowed Scotland to exit the sovereign authority of the UK during that time. In addition to that, he also contributed to creating Artists for an Independent Scotland organization.

Today, he seems to be out of the spotlight and is living quite a peaceful life in the countryside, enjoying the fruits of his labor. He has shied away from all the chaos and noise that the world of entertainment and politics and is taking the time out of his extraordinary life.

Who is Pat Kane’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Is Pat Kane Married to Wife?

Image of Pat Kane
Pat Kane is a Scottish musician, journalist, and a political activist

The title Pat Kane’s wife formerly belongs to a beautiful woman named Joan McAlpine, who is believed to be a fellow journalist and a former politician based in Scotland. People called her Pat Kane’s wife for quite some time, and up until today, people have been keen on remarking her as the activist’s partner.

However, we can confirm that this is not the case, and both Pat Kane’s wife and he have already filed for a divorce and are no longer living with each other. Reasons for their separation are still relatively unknown to the masses; however, it is believed that they still have a connection with one another.

Their former relationship has brought life to their two beautiful daughters named, Grace and Eleanor. There is also not much information about their kids, but people speculate that they are both interchangeably taking care of the two.

Pat Kane’s Biography

Born and raised in the great plains of Scotland, he has been a part of a musical family ever since he was a child. His passion for music and creating tunes for people stems from his connection and relationship with his younger brother named Greg, who he works closely with until today.

His love for writing was encapsulated within music and in the world of literature and journalism. When he finished his degree in English back in 1985 at the University of Glasgow, he was granted columns and pursued a career as an arts journalist on major TV networks in Europe.

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