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Is P. Allen Smith Married to Wife? Is he dating a girlfriend?

Image of P. Allen Smith in garden

American tv host, landscape architect, conservationist, and lifestyle specialist Paul Allen Smith, Jr. is one of the most well-known garden design gurus in America. He offers suggestions and direction through a variety of media outlets.

Paul serves as the host of three TV shows. He also wrote and published the Clarkson Potter/Random House book series “Garden Home.”

Paul Allen returned to Little Rock with four Taste Awards in 2014, thanks to the popularity of his television programs. The Taste Hall of Fame recognized Smith in 2015 for his noteworthy contributions to broadcast entertainment and the realm of taste.

In 2017, His program show ‘Garden Home’ received a Taste award for “Best Green or Organic Program.”

Discover more about the award-winning garden and lifestyle expert; Paul Allen Smith Jr. Find out if he has a wife or kids now!

Is P. Allen Smith Married to Wife?

It’s unclear whether he’s still dating or has previously broken up with someone because his privacy is kept from the public. Up until now, Allen Smith’s wife remains shrouded in mystery.

On the other hand, there were also doubts about the sexual orientation of the well-known gardener Paul Allen. In an episode of his broadcast, he disclosed a middle-aged man who resides with him as his companion in life.

2010’s NY Times reported that P. Allen Smith’s wife is a woman named Debbie Smith, and they were married. But ever since, he has avoided discussing his partner or posting images of his ‘assumed wife’ online.

Even if there are many questions about his private affairs, he has never tried to address them. All we can do right now is to wait for P. Allen Smith’s wife to come out. 

Allen Smith’s Biography

Image of P.Allen Smith in black t-shirt

Allen was born on March 12th, 1960, in Little Rock, Arkansas. Smith is the eldest among the children of Paul Allen Smith Sr., his father. His brother Christopher Smith oversees and takes care of his home, Moss Mountain Farm.

Paul Allen spent his early years in McMinnville, Tennessee, where he initially discovered his interest in poultry and livestock. Because of this passion, Paul enrolled and spent 18 months at the University of Manchester in England.

When Paul was only twelve, his father passed away three months later when they returned home to Little Rock. 

Paul entered Hendrix College in Conway, where he majored in biology with the dream of becoming a veterinarian following his 1979 graduation from Little Rock’s McClellan High School. He received financial assistance to study at Rotary International after graduating in 1983.

According to the recent reports, Smith is still strong and breathing with his partner and two Scottish Terrier dogs. He resides permanently in Arkansas.

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