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Is Orange Cassidy Married to Wife? Or Dating a girlfriend?

Image of Orange Cassidy

Join the revolution with All Elite Wrestling American Professional Wrestler, James Cipperly, much known by his ring name Orange Cassidy. This wrestler is nicknamed “The King of Sloth Style” due to his slow movement and careless attacks, including his signature move, “Slow Motion kick” or “Kicks of Doom,” which are very light taps to the opponent’s shins.

Still, he has been featured at the AEW Revolution pay-per-view Face of the Revolution match under the same company, which sets against six contenders for a shot at the TNT Title. Before the match concluded, he was tossed outside the ring, causing him a shoulder injury. Luckily, medical attention was given to him immediately, and he has not seen in the ring afterward.

Before this injury, he had already established his name in wrestling. Earlier in his career, he had debuted as Fire Ant in Team Colony at the 2006 Tag World Grand Pix. They might have lost the first round to Lancelot, but they were soon established, and their team became the Technicos and was often teamed with fellow masked wrestler Equinox. 

The team participated in competitions, feuds, and storylines from 2008 to 2018. After basking in their team’s fame and being recognized in most independent promotions on two separate occasions of the Independent Wrestling Championship in 2019, he debuted his career in the All Elite Wrestling up until the present. 

Is Orange Cassidy dating a girlfriend? Who is Orange Cassidy’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Is Orange Cassidy Married to Wife? Or Dating a girlfriend?

Image of Orange Cassidy with his rumored girlfriend, Kris Statlander
Orange Cassidy with his rumored girlfriend, Kris Statlander

Like his career working as a masked wrestler, he maintains his personal life mysterious. However, The Elite parts of AEW featuring Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander have sparked rumors about them dating outside the ring. 

These accusations were denied, and it was found that fellow wrestler Statlander was dating Caleb Konley, which was further proved when Statlander posted a selfie of herself together with Konley. From then on, it was believed that Cassidy could still be single in 2022.

He does, however, share a lot of posts with his female coworkers, friends, and AEW partners on his different social media accounts. We will update this article once information about Orange Cassidy’s wife becomes available. 

Orange Cassidy’s Bio

The King of Sloth Style, James Cipperly, or his aliases Fire Ant and Orange Cassidy, was born on May 4, 1984, in Stewartsville, New Jersey. Aside from the nicknames mentioned earlier, his other ring names are Pockets and JC Ryder.

He graduated from Philipsburg High School in 2002 and continued to pursue his career in sports, particularly in wrestling. After his debut as fire ant, he was known in 2008 as having the shortest title reign in Chikara history because of his defeat with former ally, Equinox or his real name, Vin Gerard.

Succeeding stories regarding the Colony, such as issues with his fellow ants during and after the Chikara tenure, made his debut in the All Elite Wrestling. From then on, his career continues to strive to the present. 

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