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Is Omar Rodríguez-López Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Omar Rodiguez-Lopez an American Guitarist and Songwriter

Omar Rodríguez-López is Puerto Rican-born American guitarist, music producer, songwriter, and filmmaker. He is best known as the former guitarist, songwriter, bandleader, and founding member of The Mars Volta, an American rock band, from their formation in 2001 until their hiatus in 2012.

In addition, he is also the guitarist for numerous alternative rock and dub bands such as De Facto, Antemasque, At the Drive-In, and Bosnian Rainbows. He has been venturing as a solo artist in a studio and concert.

To find out more about the current love affair of American guitarist Omar Rodríguez-López, his dating history, and life, read more of this article below! Who is Omar Rodríguez-López’s wife?

Is Omar Rodríguez-López Married or Dating?

Image of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez an American Producer and Filmmaker
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez an American Producer and Filmmaker

As of the present, the American guitarist is not yet married and is single as he is not dating anyone. Furthermore, he has not been engaged or married ever since in his life.

The media can tell that he has not been publicly seen with someone possible enough to be his partner. Regarding his social media accounts, there have not been any posts indicating that a partner takes him as he only shares content about his music.

The notable guitarist is yet to break the news with an announcement about the change in his relationship status. We will surely update this article once Omar Rodríguez-López’s wife surfaces! So stay tuned!

Dating history of Omar Rodríguez-López

Despite being single, he has publicly dated a couple of known women.

  • Danielle Van Ark

His first known partner was the American photographer Danielle Van Ark. They had dated from 2006 until their separation in 2007.

It is unrevealed when and how they had met and why they broke up. She could have been Omar Rodríguez-López’s wife.

  • Ximena Sariñana

They first met after an interaction about the books they were reading during a flight he was in from Guadalajara, Mexico, to Los Angeles in 2008. They both were about to play at the same music festival, and she invited him to the gig she would play at the festival.

Later in July, they started dating. They were together for almost three years before the alleged Omar Rodríguez-López’s wife broke up with him in June 2011 due to undisclosed reasons.

It is unfortunate as many fans had hoped she would be Omar Rodríguez-López’s wife. She is a Mexican singer who is famous for Dos Abrazos.

Omar Rodríguez-López’s Biography

He was born Omar Alfredo Rodríguez-López on the 1st day of September 1975 in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, to actor parents Angel Marcelo Rodriguez Chevrez and Frances Rodriguez Lopez. He is presently 46 years old.

Though he was born in Puerto Rico, their family moved to South Carolina and later resided in El Paso, Texas, where he grew up. He went to Coronado High School in his hometown and had not attended college as he pursued his music career.

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