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Omar Gooding is Married to Wife: Mia Vogel. Kids: Miles Christian, Omar Dari Jr.

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Image of Omar Gooding and Mia Vogel with their son

Omar Gooding is an American comedian, actor, and producer who has starred in many television shows, including Wild & Crazy Kids, Touched by an Angel, and Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, among many others. He is better known by many as Big O, his stage name.

Aside from TV shows, he has also appeared in numerous films such as Ghost Dad, The Ernest Green Story, and Baby Boy. Read further in this article below and learn details about American comedian and actor Omar Gooding’s wife, Mia Vogel, and his dating history.

Also, know their relationship and kids.

Omar Gooding is Married to wife Mia Vogel

Image of Omar Gooding with his wife, Mia Vogel
Omar Gooding with his wife, Mia Vogel

The American actor is already married to Mia Vogel. It was not until the 10th day of October 2016 that fans discovered he had already tied the knot in his Instagram account post.

It featured Omar Gooding’s wife with a baby bump while she was pregnant with their first son. It was further confirmed when he posted a picture of them both on the 14th day of February 2017, when he had greeted her on Valentine’s day.

He had not gone into detail regarding his love life, such as the exact dates of their first meeting, engagement, and marriage, ever since he showed his wife to the public. The wedded couple resides in Los Angeles, California, with their two kids.

Mia Vogel’s Biography

Omar Gooding’s wife was born on the 21st day of August in Santa Ana, California, to parents Ben Vogel and Dari Vogel. According to her husband’s Instagram post, she is half Asian.

There has not been any data about her education, birth year, and siblings. It is unrevealed regarding her occupation, yet it seems that she has been doing the hard work of being a full-time housewife and mother of two children.

No Wikipedia profile of Omar Gooding’s wife, Mia Vogel, has been made yet. As soon as one is available, we will immediately update this article’s details.

Dating history of Omar Gooding

Before his relationship with Mia, he had dated his fellow actress, Angell Conwell. They had started dating in 2001 after they first met on the set of Baby Boy, where they had clicked quickly.

Many fans had rooted for their relationship until the news about their breakup had surfaced in 2006. They dated for four long years before their separation due to undisclosed reasons.

The former couple remained friends as of the present and were even cast as on-screen love interests on Bounce TV’s sitcom, Family Time. On the 12th day of March 2015, he was seen in Atlanta with an American talk show host and actress Claudia Jordan.

The public made speculations, and they were rumored to be in an affair. The hearsays were cleared as they were just friends and only worked with each other in a film, The Hills (2017).

Omar Gooding’s Kids

Image of Omar Gooding and Mia Vogel with their son
Omar Gooding and Mia Vogel with their son

He is a proud father of two sons with his wife, Mia Vogel.

  1. Omar Dari Gooding Jr.

They welcomed their firstborn on the 27th day of January 2017. He is aged 5.

  1. Miles Christian Gooding

He is their second and youngest son, born on the 21st day of November 2019, and is aged 2.

Contrary to reports of the actor having a son named Bradley Gooding with his previous partner, Angell Conwell, he did not have children until Omar Jr. was born.

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