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Noreaga is Married to Wife: Neri Santiago. Kids.

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Image of Noreaga with his wife, Neri Santiago

Noreaga, also known as N.O.R.E., is an American rapper who is mainly recognized for being the other half of the Capone-N-Noreaga, an East Coast hip hop duo. His duo is Capone, a fellow Queens-based rapper.

Aside from the fame he had gotten from being a part of the duo, he has had massive success from being a solo artist, having released his singles Banned from T.V., Superthug, Mas Maiz, Nothin’, Oye Mi Canto. His music was released by numerous record labels, including Conglomerate, the label of fellow American rapper Busta Rhymes.

Read this article below and learn more about the American Rapper Noreaga’s wife. Check it out to see details about their relationship and kids!

Noreaga has been married to his wife Neri Santiago since 2011

Image of Noreaga with his wife, Neri Santiago
Noreaga with his wife, Neri Santiago

At around the first or second death anniversary of the rapper’s father, he was having dinner by himself when he bumped into a woman named Neri; it occurred around 2006. It was then he fell in love at first sight.

Finally, Noreaga’s wife, Neri, tied the knot with him, and she became Noreaga’s wife on the 4th day of September 2011. Since then, they have been married for more than a decade, with no separation reports.

In a report by the Hip-Hop Wired, the rapper shares that the key to their marriage would be balancing. They were opposites in many ways but had found a way to balance things, unlike others who find other halves with best friend-like qualities.

He received backlash as he seemed to be relying everything on his wife; he had wanted her to stay at home and had an old-fashioned approach towards marriage despite her dreams of carrying herself in the Love & Hip Hop: Miami Season 4 they had joined. As they have been private, being in the documentary-soap franchise would help each other tell their problems and get help as they had never had counseling before.

They have been married for more than a decade and had been blessed with a son in Lefrak City, Queens.

Neri Santiago’s Biography

Rapper Noreaga’s wife was born on the 3rd day of June 1983 to Puerto Rican parents, identities not known, in Florida, United States. There is not much revealed about her background, including her parents, siblings, and education.

According to her husband’s old social media posts, she used to be an esthetician. She is an entrepreneur who operates a juice bar named Juicy Juice Bar based in Miami, which has its merchandise.

Noreaga’s Kids

Noah Santiago was born on the 9th day of April 2009. The married couple has one son. The 13-year-old kid has been a straight-A student, model-actor, and basketball player from a young age.

He has acted in a kid’s short film called Runaway boys and has modeled under several brands such as Old Navy and Nickelodeon, among many others, and is represented by the Sprout Kids Agency.

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