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Nirav Tolia is Married to Wife: Megha Tolia. Kids.

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Image of Nirav Tolia and Megha Tolia with their kids, Dylan Tolia, Deven Tolia, and Declan Tolia

Being a handsome businessman could bring you many consumers, and people believe that this is what Nirav Tolia did with one of his businesses. The entrepreneur is a chief executive officer and co-founder of the famous social networking service Nextdoor.

The CEO of the famous company was born in 1973 in Odessa, Texas, the United States, and is now 48. Being an outstanding personality in the business world, he graduated from Stanford University, one of the most prestigious universities in the United States.

There is no doubt that the American businessman has all the resources to achieve the dreams he wanted to obtain when he was a child. Before being the CEO of Nextdoor, he worked at Epinion and Benchmark Capital in the past.

Handling a company can make a person busy, but can Nirav Tolia find time for his family despite the meetings and gathering for his business? Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding Nirav Tolia’s wife, partner, marriage, and children.

Nirav Tolia is Married to Wife, Megha Tolia since 2011

Image of Nirav Tolia with his wife, Megha Tolia
Nirav Tolia with his wife, Megha Tolia

Nextdoor is one of the largest companies in the corporate world, and Nirav Tolia is undoubtedly busy running it. The question is, does Nirav Tolia’s wife understands his busy schedule?

Megha Tolia is the lovely wife of Nirav Tolia, and yes, she is an understanding spouse to her husband. According to sources, Nirav Tolia’s wife did not find it easy at first to cope with his busy schedule since they have a family.

However, in every relationship, sacrifices should be made to balance the connection between each person. The couple decided to tie the knot on March 5, 2011, making them 11 years as husband and wife.

The pair decided to have their wedding in a traditional Indian wedding ceremony, but it was set to private. Moreover, only close friends, family members, and relatives were the only people who witnessed Nirav and Megha’s romantic day.

The most important thing in their relationship is taking good care of their children. In addition, there is also a similarity between the couple since they both know things in business.

Social media users cannot help but point out how they are meant to be together because of their credentials, academic background, and good looks. Indeed, maybe they met to fill the gaps between each other.

Megha Tolia’s Biography

Nirav Tolia’s wife is the stunning lady named Megha Tolia, and she also excels in the business world. She was born on December 19, 1982, but she did not reveal the place where she was born.

Megha also holds a position in Method Products, PBC, as the Vice President of Strategy and Ecommerce. So, to those people who are asking if she understands her husband’s business ventures, she does.

According to sources, she came from a well-off family since she was able to complete college in 2008 at Harvard Business School. Like Nirav, she also graduated from one of the well-known universities in the world.

Nirav Tolia’s Kids

Image of Nirav Tolia and Megha Tolia with their kids, Dylan Tolia, Deven Tolia, and Declan Tolia
Nirav Tolia and Megha Tolia with their kids, Dylan Tolia, Deven Tolia, and Declan Tolia

The couple was blessed with three adorable children named Dylan Tolia, Deven Tolia, and Declan Tolia. Dylan was born in December 2013, Deven in July 2012, and Declan’s birthday was not released to the public.

Moreover, they are doing a good job being parents to their children since there are no reported cases or rumors about them. We will update this article once we find more information about Declan’s details.

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