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Nims Purja is Married to Wife: Suchi Purja. Kids.

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Image of Nims Purja with his wife, Suchi Purja

Mountain climbing has been the hobby of adventurous and brave people like Nims Purja. Many aspiring climbers idolize Purja for obtaining multiple records in mountaineering.

Aside from being a renowned mountain climber, he also became part of the British Army and first served with the Brigade of Gurkhas. After that, Nims was assigned to the Royal Navy with the Special Boat Service.

Many people were amazed by his skills in climbing as, without a mountaineering experience, he reached the Lobuche East in 2012. He was among the nine mountaineers who amazingly ascended K2 in 1987, and Nims was the only member to reach it without the help of any supplemental oxygen.

Mountaineering is one of the most dangerous activities that a person could do, but does Nims have inspiration on why he is doing great in climbing mountains? Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding Nims Purja’s wife, partner, married life, and children.

Nims Purja has been Married to his Wife, Suchi Purja, since 2008

Image of Nims Purja with his wife, Suchi Purja
Nims Purja with his wife, Suchi Purja

There was much confusion about the marriage year of Nims Purja’s wife and the mountaineer. Some people say that the couple married in 2006, but when you look at their social media posts and calculate their anniversary, it boils down to 2008.

According to sources, there was a challenging obstacle in the couple’s relationship, just like when you climb a mountain, but it is normal, and they have successfully overcome it. There was no information available regarding the first meeting of Nims and Suchi.

Nims Purja’s wife agreed to have a long-distance relationship before with the professional mountaineer. This was one of the challenges in their intimate relationship through the years, but they did not let it hinder their love.

They dated each other for a few years before exchanging vows and rings in 2008. However, the exact date of their marriage was not revealed to the public, and even the venue was kept private.

Rumor has it that Nims Purja’s wife wanted a private wedding attended only by their family members, relatives, and close friend. There was no confirmation regarding this claim.

With every climb of Nims, Suchi knows that it could be very dangerous, but she still supports her husband. Moreover, the most important thing in a relationship is knowing when to have joint decisions.

Suchi Purja’s Biography

The beautiful wife of the famous mountaineer is Suchi Purja. People describe her as a stunning woman and a perfect partner for Nims.

Nims Purja’s wife also has excellent skills, not in climbing but in being a therapist and dental hygienist. She is presently working at Winchester, England, in Solutions Dental Clinic.

Some of her friends consider her a socialite since it can be seen on several online platforms that she loves to go out and drink with friends and family. Moreover, Suchi was born in Nepal on November 11, 1988, and is now 33.

Nims Purja’s Kids

People wonder if the couple has children since they portray a good image to the public and they would make good parents. However, it has come to our knowledge that the husband and wife do not have any kids despite being married for a long time.

Nims Purja’s wife did not release any information on why she does not want to have a child yet. Our team will try to update this article once we find more information about the matter.

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