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Nick Thune is Married to Wife: Suzanne Trudelle. Kids.

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Image of Nick Thune with his wife, Suzanne Trudelle

Nicholas Ivan Thune, professionally known as Nick Thune, is an actor, comedian, and musician from the United States.  Thune was born in Seattle and raised in Redmond, Washington.

Thune relocated to Los Angeles to seek a stand-up comedy career.

The well-known comedian’s early stand-up acts emphasized wordplay as he played the guitar, which Nick claims were more of a prop than a way to create musical comedy.

Thune appeared eight times on The Tonight Show, and in 2007 he was highlighted in a Comedy Central Presents special.

The well-known comedian played at the DTD Reality concert at the University of Southern California in February 2009.

Do you want to know Nick Thune’s wife, Suzanne Trudelle, and their children? Then read this article to learn more.

Nick Thune has been married to Suzanne Trudelle since 2008

Image of Nick Thune with his wife, Suzanne Trudelle
Nick Thune with his wife, Suzanne Trudelle

Nick Thune, a well-known comedian, married Suzanne Thune on the 24th of February 2008.

However, the lovely couple doesn’t discuss much more about their relationship on media platforms.

The lovely couple welcomed a son on the 7th of November, 2013.

Nick, a well-known comedian, enjoys sharing images about himself and his son on media platforms and isn’t afraid to express how becoming a father has changed him for the better.

Suzanne, the famous comedian’s wife, admires her husband’s celebrity from afar, but she is more than willing to help Nick behind the scenes, which the well-known comedian appreciates.

During interviews, Nick, the well-known comedian, never hesitates away from talking to his son.

Nick talked about how becoming a parent has changed him as a man and performer.

According to the well-known comedian, having a child has improved every aspect of his life, from compassion to business. Thune also stated that his life has been more exciting due to his son.

Suzanne Trudelle Biography

Suzanne Trudelle is the mother of one and the wife of a famous comedian.

She is a humble woman who tries to keep her personal life hidden from the public eye.

Trudelle has her own Instagram account, and only appears in her husband’s pictures on rare occasions.

Suzanne Trudelle prefers not to be in the spotlight. Therefore little information about her age, birthdate, work, parents, and personal life are not available.

 Nick Thune Children

Image of Nick Thune with his son
Nick Thune with his son

The only son of the famous comedian and his wife Suzanne, the son of Nick and Suzanne, was born on the 7th of November 2013.

Any other information about their son is unknown but don’t worry, we will update this article if we find information.

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