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Nick Groff is Married to Wife: Tessa DelZoppo. Kids: Annabelle, Chloe

Image of Nick Groff with his wife, Tessa DelZoppo

Nick Groff is Married to Wife: Tessa DelZoppo. Kids: Annabelle, Chloe

Ghost hunting and paranormal investigations are the new kids on the block, and one of the people encouraging the new generation to seek their adventures is Nick Groff. While there is danger involved when dealing with the paranormal, experts like him are trying to remove the tainted image that the media often portrays.

He first got critical acclaim when he and his friends Aaron Goodwin and Zak Bagans formed the crew of Ghost Adventures, a reality TV show that examines the world of the unknown. Although the show was not an instant success, people slowly recognized the fascinating premise that it brought to the table, and it gradually gained viewership.

Since the show’s early days back in 2008, he served as one of its executive producers, editor, and a leading cameraman. Netizens have mixed reactions to the show and have received varying responses, but, one thing is for sure, it would not last for 21 seasons if it were not good.

Even though the show would see a brighter future, the investigator would decide to pursue a different path, and in 2015 he officially left the investigative group. Since then, he has produced a series of shows that still deal with ghosts, like Paranormal Lockdown and Death Walker.

Is Nick Groff married? Who is Nick Groff’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Nick Groff has been Married to his wife, Tessa DelZoppo, since 2021

Image of Nick Groff with his wife, Tessa DelZoppo
Nick Groff with his wife, Tessa DelZoppo

While it is evident that the TV personality’s first love is indeed and will always be horror and paranormal activities, Nick Groff’s wife, Tessa, is undoubtedly the perfect person to support him on it. The Ghost Adventures star is not open when sharing private information regarding his family, and Nick Groff’s wife is not different from him.

Many people do not know when and how the two met each other; however, it is confirmed that they clicked on one another when they dated each other before their wedding. They decided that it was high time to make it official after a few moments of courting, and in 2021, they tied the knot in front of family members, colleagues, and friends.

Nick Groff’s Previous Relationships

Before meeting his wonderful wife today, it is confirmed that there was someone who captivated the celebrity’s heart years before they got married. Sources claimed that Mr. Groff was married to Veronique, and their love story lasted for over 14 years before they decided to separate.

The reasons behind their break-up are still unknown, but it might be possible through a few unforeseen circumstances and differences.

Tessa DelZippo’s Biography

Nick Groff’s wife is no other than the beautiful Tessa DelZippo. People have often called these two a paranormal power couple because they both work and are interested in ghosts.

According to her website, an accident that happened when she was a young girl caused her to see and talk to wandering spirits and become the bridge to the afterlife. Individuals like her are often called psychics, or most specifically, mediums.

She serves as the instrument for dead people to reconnect and mend broken relationships in their sudden passing to continue into the afterlife with peace in their hearts.

Nick Groff’s Kids

While the couple is yet to have children of their own, it is relieving to know that Mrs. Groff is willing to take care of Annabelle and Chloe, the producer’s kids, on her ex-wife. Details about them have also been scarce, but it is definite that they are currently residing with their father and stepmother.

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