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Is Nick Diaz Married to Wife? Or Dating Girlfriend? Controversies.

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Image of Nick Diaz

Nickolas Robert Diaz, famously known as Nick Diaz, is a mixed martial artist. He is currently competing in Ultimate Fighting Championship’s middleweight category as of 2022.

He descended from a Mexican-American family. Together with his siblings, they were delivered and nurtured in Stockton, California.

He came from a family of five with one brother and a younger sister. They were single-handedly raised by their mother because their father had to make a living to make ends meet.

During his childhood, Diaz was actively joining in tournaments that involved fighting. This paved his way to be a professional mixed martial artist we know of.

Are you curious about Nick Diaz’s wife? Continue reading as we reveal further information about him, including his dating status, previous relationship, and controversies. 

Nick Diaz’s Dating Status

Image of Nick Diaz
Nick Diaz is an American professional mixed martial artist

The controversial mixed martial arts fighter’s love life is frequently looked up online. According to reports, the athlete is single as of this writing.

He is one of the most controversial fighters in history. In an interview, he mentioned that his girlfriend must be very patient because he still got a lot to learn.

The fans of Nick Diaz are steadily waiting for the day when news about Nick Diaz’s wife will surface. While waiting, they expressed that they would continue to support their icon as he makes his way to a greater scope of fame.

Nick Diaz’s Previous Relationships

Being a man of influence, Diaz had a fair share of dating experiences. However, if you look it up online, the top of the list would be Heather Thomas.

Her real name is Heather Nikole, but she publicly identifies as Heather Thomas. The ex-couple were smitten with each other.

She used to go with the fighter during his fights to show her support. During that time, supporters already speculated Thomas was Nick Diaz’s wife.

However, they did not disclose any information. They went on with their relationship without giving attention to the rumors going around.

In 2015, the former couple was frequently seen together. They enjoy attending raves and parties.

During their relationship, Nick was able to convert Heather to veganism. However, they did not discuss it further because they are aware of the topic’s controversies.

The fighter was suspended from fighting for a year because he did not cooperate with drug testing. It was not a secret that the mixed martial artist is a cannabis user.

His former girlfriend was there to support him during his suspension. According to reports, they have been happy with the suspension because they could spend more time with each other.

Reports about their breakup are not disclosed to the public. Nevertheless, rumors claim it was due to the fighter’s history of domestic violence.

Their split-up took a toll on the mixed martial artist. He gained weight due to the stress he experienced.

Nick Diaz’s Controversies

In 2018, the fighter was charged with battery by strangulation. According to reports, the event occurred in Las Vegas.

The suspected victim is a female. It was not clear whether it was the fighter’s ex-girlfriend, Heather, or not. He was cooperative during the arrest.

The MMA fighter also mentioned that the case against him was a set-up. It was allegedly the woman who harassed him first.

However, after a thorough investigation, the charges were junked by the court in Las Vegas. The evidence is not enough to prove the athlete guilty of what was suspected of him.

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