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Nick Castellanos is Married to Wife: Jessica Gomez. Kids.

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Image of Nick Castellanos with his wife, Jessica Gomez, and their son, Liam

Baseball has a reputation as America’s pastime, with thousands of people flocking over grand stadiums and millions more in their homes, and one of those stars is Nick Castellanos. He is a renowned baseball right fielder currently signed under the Philadelphia Phillies and plays in Major League Baseball.

It should be no question that the ones that have the opportunity to play at the highest and most prestigious league of the sport are the greatest of all. This idea does not shy away from the character, skill, and talent that the athlete pours when he is playing.

He was granted the chance to be included in the MLB when he was still a young boy who was, during that time, currently finishing his studies. As soon as he graduated and finished college, talent agents quickly picked him off and got him drafted to their team back in 2013.

His reputation precedes him because he has already played with and battled against the most decorated individuals that baseball has seen over the years. Detroit Tigers, Chicago Cubs, and the Cincinnati Reds are just some of the teams seeking his help to triumph over other giants.

Who is Nick Castellanos’ wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Nick Castellanos is Married to his wife, Jessica Gomez, since 2021

Image of Nick Castellanos with his wife, Jessica Gomez
Nick Castellanos with his wife, Jessica Gomez

There is no doubt that the baseball player is as handsome and as talented, so there is no question that ladies are trying to win his heart. Unfortunately, the title of Nick Castellanos’ wife is already taken by no other than the beautiful woman named Jessica Gomez.

They are not the most vocal couple among the athlete partners in sports, but they are one of the most attractive and eye-catching ones. Nick Castellanos’ wife goes side-by-side with his partner’s level of beauty and prowess, ensuring that she is up to standard.

The lovers are yet to disclose the intricacies of their marriage since they are still what many people would consider young partners. They tied the knot at the peak of the COVID-19 Pandemic and have stayed as Mr. and Mrs. Castellanos for the past year.

Nick Castellanos’ Past Relationships

Nick Castellanos’ wife, Jessica Gomez, is not the first lady that fell into the spiral of the love and affection of the football player. There is also someone remarkable who has shared a decent time with the sportsman before.

The right fielder’s ex-wife is no other than Vanessa Hernandez. The former lovers had paired up for years before they called it quit in 2016.

It is believed that the football player and his previous partner began dating back in 2009 and had been partners for over five years before they tied the knot in 2015. Unfortunately, the married life did not suit them, and they decided to go their paths and file a divorce just a year later.

Jessica Gomez’s Biography

As mentioned, Mrs. Jessica is not open to letting people dive deep and search her data without her knowledge. But, we are grateful enough to catch at least tiny bits of information that will give us a glimpse into her life.

She is a proud owner of a small agency that aims to provide media assistance to companies and other businesses she has run throughout its lifetime. Because of her venture, she can be as financially independent as her husband, renowned in the sport.

Nick Castellanos’ Kids

Image of Nick Castellanos with his wife, Jessica Gomez, and their son, Liam
Nick Castellanos with his wife, Jessica Gomez, and their son, Liam

Although the couple has a kid that they are taking care of named Liam, it is known that this is Mr. Castellanos’ son from her previous wife and not with Jessica. Details about Liam are rare since the baseball player does not share many things with the masses.

However, it is pretty happy to see that his stepmother is accepting and taking care of her despite not being someone of her own.

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