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What is Michael Rapaport Ex-Wife Nichole Beattie Doing Now?

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Michael Rapaport's Ex Wife, Nichole Beattie

More than a decade ago, the bad-mouthing actor, Michael Rapaport, shocked the fans yet again. However, Michael did not do so in his profession at that time, as usual. But instead, he did so by announcing his separation from his then-wife, Nichole Beattie.

Few years before then, the actor who played in over sixty movies tied the knot with an equally talented woman in the name of Nichole Beattie. Surely everyone knows Nichole Beattie, the producer of many popular series in the past.

Fanbase from both sides was excited to see how things would work out for the dynamic duo. Unfortunately, as we could see, neither of the two could hold their marriage for even a decade.

This article shall discuss the critical events in Michael and Nichole’s marriage, from its onset to ending, and reveal what Nichole Beattie might be up to lately.

Michael Rapaport’s Ex-wife: Nichole Beattie

Much like Michael, Nichole Beattie is also from the entertainment industry. The difference between the two is that Nichole’s ex-husband worked in front of the camera, whereas Nichole worked behind the scenes. Nichole Beattie is a Caucasian-American scriptwriter and a producer famous for her work as a producer in the tv series, including The Walking Dead.

This native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, born on 19th November 1976, was conceived by a mother who is also an American writer. Hence, working in movies runs in the Beattie family. Nichole had a younger sibling as well, a brother named Shane. But sadly, Shane passed away at the early age of 12.

Rumor suggests that she had attended Arizona State University but soon left after her brother’s death. Nicole also dodges media often at times as she likes to avoid the spotlight.

Regardless, Nichole has focused on her career since early 2000. Finally, in 2005, Nichole found a place in the film industry. She was initially an essayist for the John from Cincinnati, who later featured her work in Prime Suspect, Rubicon, and Sons of Anarchy. Fortunately, her work shined, and she became a co-worker for Prime Suspect for the first season.

Moreover, Nichole’s incredible success in the industry with her mastermind brain producing the popular TV Series, The Walking Dead made her a nominee for the QFTA Television Award for the best writer.

Love Life

When the rumors came that one of the beloved producers of all time, Nichole Beattie, was dating Michael Rapaport, there was a mixed reaction from the fans. Despite that, Nichole still went on to marry him as she was utterly in love with Michael. However, there is not much information regarding Michael and Nicole’s initial meeting.

Neither Michael nor Nichole have appeared on the camera to talk about their love life. The former Rapaport couple first met somewhere around the late ’90s. Not much information is available, but they did start dating soon after knowing each other. It is also true that Michael dated his now-wife, Kebe, during the 90s.

Married Life

After nearly one or two years of dating, Michael and Nichole married one another in 2000, the millennium year. The former Rapaport couple’s ceremony was a private one amongst their closest family, relatives, and friends. None of their fans knew about the wedding until the two appeared with a ring on their fingers.

Sadly, Nichole and her husband’s relationship came to an end in the middle of 2007. Though the couple legally split in 2007, Nichole had filed for a divorce in 2004 only. Moreover, Nichole demanded spousal support from Michael in payments of her personal and children’s expenses. Also, Nichole demanded joint custody of Julian and Maceo. The case file reads that the reason for Nichole and Michael’s separation was due to irreconcilable differences.

Michael didn’t hesitate to sign the papers with her condition.

Image of Michael Rapaport with his Ex Wife
Michael Rapaport with his Ex-Wife, Nichole Beattie.


During their seven-year-long marriage, Michael and Nichole shared two children, Julian Ali Rapaport, the eldest son, and Maceo Shane Rapaport. Julian was born in the same year his parents married, whereas Maceo was born in 2002.

Julian Ali and Maceo Shane are 21 and 16 years old, respectively. However, both prefer to stay away from the media’s buzz, as suggested by their mother. Nichole and her sons shifted states after Nichole and Michael separated.

Nonetheless, according to Beattie, she and her sons are still big supporters of their home state football team, the Minnesota Vikings. Not only that, but in 2014, Beattie revealed that she wanted to purchase a summer vacation home in Minnesota so that she could spend time with her children there.

Image of Michael Rapaport with his two sons
Michael Rapaport with his two sons, Maceo Shane Rapaport and Julian Ali Rapaport.

What is Nichole Beattie Doing Now?

Now the couple is no longer in a marital relationship but is still friends. Michael does occasionally visit his kids, who currently live with their mother. While Nichole’s ex-husband is now in another marital relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Nichole is still a single mother of two sons.

Nichole doesn’t seem to share her plans on marrying to public media but seems satisfied enough with her life. Nonetheless, Nichole is still in the industry with programs and projects in process and is far from retiring. The 44-year-old still seems to be involved in tv series as executive producer, and Nichole’s recent works include For All Mankind, Deadwood: The Movie, and Beyond. With the series For All Mankind, Nichole has a contract till 2022.

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