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MrBallen is Married to Wife: Amanda Allen. Kids.

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Image of MrBallen with his baby

Listening to stories and podcasts over the past few years has been the norm for many people on the internet, and one of the leading storytellers and podcasters of that genre is MrBallen. To many people who are not aware of who he is, John Allen is a podcaster and storyteller that retells various crime stories and mysteries.

He goes by the name MrBallen on his social media accounts and is the host and main narrator for MrBallen Shorts and MrBallen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories. He gained popularity and traction during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic when people were isolated in their own homes with nothing to do.

However, despite being a good bard of mystery, the YouTuber is a former decorated member of the United States Armed Forces, specifically part of the Navy Seal. So it is pretty interesting to see and listen to him retell various stories from the internet and his personal experience.

Because of how soothing and appealing his way of speaking is, fans over TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook have become avid listeners of him. As of this article’s writing, the internet sensation has drawn millions and millions of views on his YouTube channel alone, with millions of subscribers.

Who is MrBallen’s wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

MrBallen is Married to his wife, Amanda.

Image of MrBallen
MrBallen is a YouTuber who is a retired Navy SEAL.

MrBallen’s wife is quite the attractive figure whose personality and information remain anonymous. Fans have only called her MrBallen’s wife, but her real name is Amanda Allen.

Details about their love story and marriage are unknown on the internet since they are not the most vocal of couples. However, it is believed that the lovers have already surpassed a decade of being wedded to each other and show no sign of decline whatsoever.

It is not known yet where the couple tied the knot, but it is believed that it was a private ceremony, surrounded by close friends, colleagues, and close family relatives.

MrBallen’s Past Relationships

Given the years that MrBallen’s wife and his have already spent together, it is not surprising that he did not love anyone else before meeting Amanda. In addition to that, he has also rendered a considerable chunk of his life serving in the military, so any luck of finding a love interest while in the middle of the battlefield.

Because of that, there are no known relationships that the Navy Seal had before. It is possible that his love is and will only be dedicated to his wonderful and lovely partner.

Amanda’s Biography

Just like mentioned above, there is limited information that describes her personal life of Amanda. She is not totally on the internet, and there are only a few traces of her media footprint that can be found surfacing the web.

To come to think of it, it is pretty interesting that a storyteller like John would not share a lot of info regarding his and his wife’s individual lives. However, as fans, what we can do is respect his decisions and hope that he will someday open up about his family.

MrBallen’s Kids

Image of MrBallen with his kids
MrBallen with his kids

With a long-lasting relationship like John and Amanda, it is only fitting that they will have a wonderful family. They were blessed to have three children who are believed to be little kids and are reaching their teenage years.

They have two lovely daughters and a handsome little son. There is also no information about their names or birthdates, but it’s only a matter of time before we know it.

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