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Mikey Chen is Married to Wife: Christine Chen. Kids.

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Image of Mike Chen

Chinese-American Mikey Chen is popularly known in the online world as a YouTuber under his main channel, Strictly Dumpling, among many others he has. He is considered one of the most influential travel foodies due to his content creations. Strictly Dumpling has over 4.04 million subscribers worldwide.

If you are interested to know about Chinese-American YouTube star Mikey Chen’s wife, Christine Cheng, and their marriage, read more of this article.

Mikey Chen has been married to his wife Christine Chen since 2021

Image of Mike Chen
Mike Chen is a famous YouTube vlogger. He vlogs his food and travel adventures on his channel

The YouTuber is off the market as he is already married to his wife, Christine Chen. According to reports, they were initially dating before they allegedly broke up; At some point, he stopped talking about his girlfriend in his videos.

Until he moved to Texas, he had talked about being in a relationship again. Surprisingly enough, he posted an Instagram photo of himself in a suit holding what seems to be a wedding ring.

They got married, and Christine became Mikey Chen’s wife on the 20th day of October 2021. He mentioned his enthusiasm for finally finding his true soulmate and food-hunting best friend for a lifetime.

Though having been married for six months, he is yet to post any pictures of her on any of his social media accounts despite saying he will in his Instagram post. The newlyweds currently reside in Dallas, Texas.

Previous relationships

Based on reports, there were two ex-girlfriends in the past before one lucky woman became Mikey Chen’s wife. He had an ex named Jessie before dating Christine.

After his split with the latter, he then dated a model named Floma Quin. He got back with Christine following his breakup with the model.

The exact details of his relationships are undisclosed to the public as he is notorious for being such a secretive person who hides the person he is always with. Also, there were rumors of him having a romantic affair with Herrine Ro.

They are only good friends as she was an engaged woman when the hearsays first surfaced. She collaborated with him before as she is a host and senior video producer at Food Insider; that is why they did projects together.

Christine Chen’s Biography

An Instagram post by Mikey Chen’s wife two years ago that she deleted indicates that she turned 21. Her IG bio says that she first studied at the Washington University School of Law in St. Louis, Missouri, before flying out to Singapore and transferring to the National University of Singapore Faculty of Law.

Mikey Chen’s wife is of Chinese descent, and her parents are reluctant for their family to be exposed to the content creator as he had made criticisms about the CCP, which received backlash from the community. Apart from these, no further details of Mikey Chen’s wife are shared.

Unfortunately, no Wikipedia profile of Christine Cheng has been made yet. We will update the information in this article once it is available.

Mikey Chen’s children

As the married couple had just married, there is no news of them having any kids yet. They seem to enjoy their married life first before bringing a child into this world.

We have yet to hear any announcements of their pregnancy, and we can not wait for the day.

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