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Mike Vrabel is Married to Wife: Jen Vrabel. Kids

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Image of Mike Vrabel with his wife, Jen Vrabel, and their kids

Michael George Vrabel, famously known as Mike Vrabel, is coach of football from America. He used to be a linebacker, hence the credibility of his skills in training athletes.

Currently, he is the head coach of the National Football League’s Tennessee Titans. Before being a professional player, he was a member of Ohio State’s football team, wherein he received the All-American honors.

Akron, Ohio, is where the athlete was born. His birthdate was the 14th of August 1975.

Further details about his early life were not disclosed to the public. The information available was released with the consent of the coach.

Are you curious about Mike Vrabel’s wife? Continue reading as we reveal further information about him, including his marriage life and kids.

Mike Vrabel is Married to Jen Vrabel

Image of Mike Vrabel with his wife, Jen Vrabel
Mike Vrabel with his wife, Jen Vrabel

A man of looks and skills, the love life of Mike Vrabel is frequently looked up online. According to reports, the coach is married to a wife named Jen Vrabel.

The lovely couple’s first encounter happened at Ohio State University. From there on, they became friends and proceeded to have a relationship in 1999.

The specific information about their wedding was not disclosed to the public. There were reports claiming that it was a small ceremony attended by only immediate family and friends.

As of 2022, the duo has been married for more than two decades. They have been living privately and are happy with their two children.

Who is Jen Vrabel?

Jen Vrabel is most famous for being Mike Vrabel’s wife. However, she is a person of her own and has proven herself several times already.

The other half of the football coach was born on the 3rd day of March without a specific year revealed. Her family is not rich or poor, thus living comfortably since they were a kid.

The full name of Mike Vrabel’s wife is Jennifer Bolyen Vrabel. Her family is an American descent.

She is also a varsity like her husband, Mike. Jen used to be a volleyball player and was proclaimed a two-time All-Big Ten player of the said sport.

Due to her skills as an athlete, she was able to enter Ohio State University, where she and Mike met. She has been a complete scholar from her freshman to senior year.

The football coach’s wife was a dental hygienist before her husband rose to stardom. She stopped her practice when she gave birth to their first child named Tyler.

Jen was there for her better half from the beginning. She is and has been the core support of the professional coach.

According to a source, she is one of the many reasons Mike is thriving in his chosen craft today. Without the never-ending support and love of his partner, he will, for sure, end up on the wrong track.

She has been attending his games ever since they were in the state university. Jennifer never fails to show her love and support for her husband in any circumstance.

Mike Vrabel’s Kids

Image of Mike Vrabel with his wife, Jen Vrabel, and their kids
Mike Vrabel with his wife, Jen Vrabel, and their kids

Being married for more than two decades, Mike and Jen already made a beautiful family of four. As of this writing, they share two beautiful sons.

Their first son, Tyler, was born in the year 2000. Currently, he is also a player of football like his father.

Carter, the second son, also sports inclined. He is presently playing baseball for Wabash Valley College.

It was evident that their parents are a huge influence on their lives, seeing them flourishing and striving in their chosen sports tracks. They once expressed in an interview that their parents were very supportive of whatever they wanted to achieve in life.

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