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Mike Vogel is Married to Wife: Courtney Vogel. Kids.

Image of Mike Vogel with his wife, Courtney Vogel

Michael James Vogel, commonly known as Mike Vogel, is a well-known American actor who used to work as a model. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Grind, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and many other films and shows have included Vogel since his acting debut in 2001.

He was born on July 17, 1979, and was raised by his parents, Kathy Vogel (mother) and Jim Vogel (father), in Pennsylvania, USA. Both paternal grandfathers served in World War II, the first as a tank commander in the Battle of the Bulge and the second as a Navy Seabee in the Pacific Theater of operations.

Daniel Aaron, Vogel’s younger brother, and Kristin, his younger sister, are both younger siblings. Mike was a member of the freshmen wrestling squad at William Tennent High School.

Read more to know the renowned actor Mike Vogel’s wife and their relationship details, as discussed below.

Mike Vogel has been Married to Wife Courtney Vogel since 2003

Image of Mike Vogel with his wife, Courtney Vogel
Mike Vogel with his wife, Courtney Vogel

2003, Mike made his debut in the movie Grind, which just so happened to be the same year he married his wife, Courtney Vogel. When they tied the marriage, she was only 18 years old, and Mike was 24 years old; this made them a relatively young couple, especially in the entertainment industry.

Sadly, not much is known about their relationship, and the general public has no idea how Mike first met his wife, Courtney. The two people were so private about their connection that no one knew anything about it.

Many of Mike’s admirers are intrigued by the possibility that he and Courtney will talk about their romance at some point. Despite this, there have been no rumors about the pair breaking up until now, and despite having been together for such a long time, their love for one another is just as strong as it was when they first started dating.

This article will be updated if there is new information regarding the couple’s romantic history.

Read more to know the renowned actor Mike Vogel’s wife, Courtney Vogel, whose biography is presented in the following section.

Courtney Vogel’s Biography

Courtney Renee R. Vogel, better known as Courtney Vogel, is an ex-model from the United States who sprang to fame after getting married to Mike Vogel. Courtney Vogel entered this world on February 5, 1978, in the United States of America.

It would appear that she is currently 43 years old at this time. In addition, if we are talking about Courtney’s educational history, we can say that Mike Vogel’s wife has an impressive amount of education.

However, no one knows where she went to school or what degree she has. Nevertheless, this statement is just a speculation and not confirmed by anything. It’s possible that Mike Vogel’s Wife finished all her schooling in the country where she was born.

Moving on to Vogel’s family history, she hails from a warm and accepting home where she always felt supported. On the other hand, there is almost little information on her family to be found anywhere on the internet.

When it comes to her personal life, Mike Vogel’s Wife is notoriously cagey. Therefore, the identity of her parents has not been revealed. Read more to know about Mike and his wife Courtney’s kids, as we will discuss below.

Mike Vogel and Courtney Vogel’s Kids

Image of Mike Vogel with his wife, Courtney Vogel, and their kids
Mike Vogel with his wife, Courtney Vogel, and their kids

I. Cassy Renee Vogel

She is the eldest child of renowned actor Mike with his beautiful wife, Courtney. Cassy was born in the year of 2007 and is 15 years old as of now.

II. Charlee B. Vogel

He is the middle child of Mike with his wife, Courtney. Charlee was born in the year of 2009 and is 13 years old as of now.

III. Gabriel James Vogel

He is the youngest child of the famous actor with his wife, lovely Courtney. Gabriel was born in the year of 2013 and is nine years old as of now.

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