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Mike Shildt is Married to Wife: Michelle Lee Shildt. Kids.

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Image of Mike Shildt with his wife, Michelle Lee Shildt

Michael Timothy Shildt, known professionally as Mike Shildt, is an American baseball coach who is the interim third base coach of the Major League Baseball (MLB) team, the San Diego Padres. He was born on the 9th day of August 1968 in Charlotte, North Carolina, making him 53 years old.

Prior to his position at the San Diego Padres, he was previously with the St. Louis Cardinals as their first base coach in 2017, then became their manager in 2018. After his dismissal as the team’s manager on the 14th day of October 2021, he became a part of his now-current team on the 26th day of January 2022.

Learn more about the interim third base coach Mike Shildt’s wife, Michelle Lee Shildt, and the couple’s marriage throughout the years. Furthermore, discover more specifics about his kids!

Michelle Lee and Mike Shildt’s Marriage

Image of Mike Shildt with his wife, Michelle Lee Shildt

Mike Shildt with his wife, Michelle Lee Shildt

The San Diego Padres is a married man as he had tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Michelle Segrave. However, before they got married, they were engaged to one another for a considerable amount of time.

Unfortunately, the precise amount of time is not specified, and it is known that they had been married for quite a few years prior. In addition, neither Michelle nor her husband had revealed when they first met or how they moved their relationship forward after that initial introduction.

In spite of this, the pair has a very close relationship with each other. Not to mention the fact that they love and support one another, which will serve as the foundation for their journey through marriage.

On the 6th day of March 2020, Shildt tied the knot with Michele Segrave in Jupiter, Florida, and it took place on one of the only days that he had off during spring training. They are parents to two little girls, and they now live in Kinston, North Carolina.

Michelle Lee Shildt’s Biography

Mike Shildt’s wife was born Michelle Lee Segrave on the 1st day of August 1976 in Wilson, North Carolina, making her 45 years old. Her family and early educational background have not been shared publicly.

Michelle has a history of having a love relationship with a different person. And as a result of a previous relationship, she is a proud mother of two girls, namely Laura Grace Segrave and Madison Segrave.

She has also achieved a significant deal of success in her professional life. The wife of the coach graduated from Barton College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Design and Visual Communications in the year 1998.

At the moment, Michelle is employed at both the Segrave Aviation Brokerage Firm and Eastern Aviation Insurance as an insurance agent and charter broker for the aviation industry. It would appear that she is doing quite well in her professional life, which is well-established.

In addition, before earning her present position, Michelle worked as a pharmaceutical sales expert for AstraZeneca and as a sales agent for State Farm Insurance. Both jobs came before she landed her current position.

Mike Shildt’s Kids

Image of Mike Shildt with his wife, Michelle Lee Shildt, with their daughters, Laura Grace Segrave and Madison Segrave

Mike Shildt with his wife, Michelle Lee Shildt, with their daughters, Laura Grace Segrave and Madison Segrave

The interim third base coach has had no known biological children since he rose to fame. Despite this, Mike Shildt’s wife has two children from a previous romantic connection.

Laura Grace Segrave and Madison Segrave are two daughters that Michelle has. The manager of the San Diego Padres tied the knot with his partner and became a father to her two daughters after the ceremony.

Despite not being their biological father, it appears that the skilled coach has a strong relationship with his stepchildren. On a regular basis, the married couple posts images of their children to each of their separate social media profiles.

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