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Mike Ness is Married to Wife: Christine Marie Ness. Kids.

Image of Mike Ness with his wife, Christine Marie Ness, and their son

Michael James Ness, known professionally as Mike Ness, is a renowned American musician born on the 3rd day of April 1962 in Lynn, Massachusetts. He is now sixty years old.

He is recognized as the frontman, lead guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist of Social Distortion, an American punk rock band. Along with Casey Royer, he co-founded the band in 1978 when he was only sixteen years old and quit studying high school to pursue his music career a year after.

Learn more about the life and relationships of American musician and Social Distortion’s frontman Mike Ness. Furthermore, discover details about Mike Ness’ wife and kids!

Mike Ness is married to his wife: Christine Marie Ness

Image of Mike Ness with his wife, Christine Marie Ness
Mike Ness with his wife, Christine Marie Ness

In terms of the women in his life, the American musician is already a happily married man to his beloved wife, Christine Marie Ness. They have been married since the late 1990s and are the parents of two boys named Julian Ness and Johny Ness.

Mike Ness is not one to open up about his private life that much and makes it a point to avoid the scrutiny of the media. As a result, little is known about Mike Ness’ wife, Christine Marie, or their relationship through the years.

It may be that the couple was in a previous affair before their marriage as their oldest son, Julian, was born in 1992, and Mike was romantical with American dancer Dita Von Teese from that year until 1995. Additionally, his stepson, Julian, was born in 1997, meaning they might have gotten married between 1997 and 1999.

It does not seem that the early phases of their marriage turned out alright as he was in a later relationship with Dita, his partner before his marriage to Christine Marie, in 2001 until 2002. Regardless of the stated detail, the married couple has been married and in a loving relationship up until this day.

She has been Mike’s biggest cheerleader throughout his career and has provided him with unwavering support. Currently, Ness and his wife Christine, together with their two sons, make their home in Santa Ana, California.

As per reports, none of the two has engaged in an affair outside of their marriage. In addition, it is quite unlikely that he will ever divorce his wife because the Social Distortion frontman has been head over heels in love with both her and their entire family.

Mike Ness’ previous relationship with Dita Von Teese

Prior to Mike’s relationship with his wife, Christine Marie, he was in a relationship with American dancer and model Dita Von Teese. She and the vocalist for Social Distortion dated from 1992 until 1995.

Some people say that she could have been Mike Ness’ wife. Subsequently, they rekindled their relationship in 2001 and then, again, ended it a year after in 2002. Not much has been divulged regarding Mike and Dita’s affair ever since.

Mike Ness’ kids

Image of Mike Ness with his wife, Christine Marie Ness, and their sons, Julian and Johnny Ness
Mike Ness with his wife, Christine Marie Ness, and their sons, Julian and Johnny Ness

The Social Distortion has a total of two children, and they are both from his wife, Christine Marie.

Julian Ness

His oldest son was born in 1992. Sadly, Julian’s exact birth date has not been shared with the general public.

Johnny Ness

His second and youngest child was born in 1997. Like his older brother, Johnny’s exact birth date is yet to be disclosed.

His biological father has also been unrevealed. Despite not being Mike’s biological son, the two have had a genuine father-and-son relationship.

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