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Mike Leach is Married to Wife: Sharon Leach. Kids.

Image of Mike Leach with his wife, Sharon Leach

Michael Charles Leach, professionally known as Mike, is a massively commended American football coach who is the present head coach of the Mississippi State University’s football team, the Mississippi State Bulldogs football. He was born on the 9th day of March 1961 in Susanville, California, to parents Sandra and Frank Leach.

Since 1987, the 61-year-old head coach has since coached football teams of other universities such as the Texas Tech Red Raiders, Washington State Cougars football, and Valdosta State football team, among many others.

Learn more about American football head coach Mike Leach’s wife, Sharon Leach, and their lives and marriage. Furthermore, discover about Mike’s kids.

Mike and Sharon Leach’s Marriage

Image of Mike Leach with his wife, Sharon Leach
Mike Leach with his wife, Sharon Leach

Mike Leach’s wife, Sharon Leach, has married him for over 30 years. They started dating as college students in the early 1980s and now have four children.

They both attended Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, where they first met. Before they started dating, they were initially buddies. To the Seattle Times, Mike Leach’s wife revealed in a 2012 piece how the two of them came to know each other.

She shared that one of his previous roommates married one of her sisters. After that, they began to get to know each other and then dated.

During his college time at the King Henry Apartments, Coach Leach says he and his wife used to spend their time watching television together. They had their first date at an A&W Restaurant in Provo, where they ate burgers and fries.

On their first date, she said, they didn’t plan it out ahead of time and joked that it only happened because he was starving. In 1985, the couple became engaged and married though not much of the specifics were divulged.

The wedded couple will have been married for over 36 years and now live in Key West, Florida. As a family, they have four children together: Janeen, Kim, Cody, and Kiersten.

Sharon Leach’s Biography

Most of Sharon Leach’s life details have not surfaced ever since she was known as Mike Leach’s wife. She was born Sharon Smith and later studied at BYU, where she met her then-future-husband, as he was known by one of her sisters.

Since the couple had to deal with a substantial amount of college debt early in their marriage, she, according to Sports Illustrated, worked for 14 years as a full-time administrative assistant and legal secretary. As soon as her husband took a position as offensive coordinator at the University of Kentucky in 1996, she resigned from her job and became a stay-at-home mom.

Mike Leach’s Kids

Image of Mike Leach with his wife, Sharon Leach, and their kids
Mike Leach with his wife, Sharon Leach, and their kids

He and his wife, Sharon, are the parents of four children.

Janeen Leach

The married couple had their oldest child and daughter the same year they were married and engaged. She had gone to BYU as both of her parents did.

Kimberly Leach

They had their second child and daughter in 1989. Kimberly went to Texas Tech University, where she earned her Master of Education in Reading Specialists.

Cody Leach

In 1996, the couple had their third and only son, Cody.

Kiersten Leach

After two years following Cody’s birth, they had their fourth child and third daughter in 1998.

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