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Is Mike Jones Married to Wife? Or Dating a Girlfriend?

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Image of Mike Jones

Mike Jones is the legendary man behind the hit military and arms YouTube Channel known to many as Garand Thumb. Interestingly enough, because of how famous Garand Thumb is to military fans, people often call him by his social media channel’s name instead of his actual real name.

He is the one that holds and displays the guns in the channel. He has a ton of arms knowledge and information, so just watching him showcase the power and awesomeness these guns have is entertaining.

The reason behind his utter expertise in army weaponry is that he served as a military veteran in the past. Sources state that he was a former United States Air Force soldier and had been holding a gun for so long.

Joining YouTube during its dawn way back in 2006, he is not only a military veteran but a YouTube and content creator veteran as well. With almost two decades of experience running the channel, he is still constantly pumping out content for his fans and subscribers.

Is Mike Jones Married? Who is Mike Jones’ wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Is Mike Jones Married to Wife?

Image of Mike Jones
Mike Jones is a well-known American rapper and producer

No one can deny that Mike is a very handsome man. With a face of a total gentleman and hot bod, this military personnel may have broken some hearts back in their youth.

Who is Mike Jones’ wife? Despite the fame and the fortune that the Air Force veteran has amassed throughout his career, there have been no reports about any partners he had.

His marital status is not even known to the public. The arms expert is yet to disclose any details surrounding his romantic life.

A lucky woman might be the right partner for our beloved army personnel. Stay tuned! We will update this write-up once Mike Jones’ wife surfaces.

Mike Jones’ Biography

Born in the United States, the American Air Force soldier has displayed the results of the immense training and experience that he underwent during his time in the army. Because of his utter love and passion for weaponry and arms, he wanted to share the beauty of guns and the danger they possess with the world.

He created the channel under the name Garand Thumb because it is a common terminology often used in the armed forces. If you are an army fan, you know that Garand Thumb is the word that soldiers use to describe the painful feeling of your thumb being smashed by a Garand’s bolt.

Because of his channel’s catchy name and topic, he slowly gained traction and is still gradually increasing in numbers up today.

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