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Miguel Cotto is Married to Wife: Melissa Guzman. Kids.

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Image of Miguel Cotto and Melissa Guzman with their family

Miguel Cotto has nothing to prove as he is already known as one of the best professional boxers. He first started being active in the boxing field in 2001 and achieved many championships in his entire career.

Miguel Angel Cotto Vasquez, also known as Miguel Cotto, was born in Providence, Rhode Island, the United States, on October 29, 1980, and is now 41. He attained 41 wins and only six losses with proper training and a healthy lifestyle.

Cotto left a remarkable record in boxing history when he won a silver medal in the Central and Caribbean Games in the 1998 Maracaibo, another silver medal in the Junior World Championships in the 1998 Buenos Aires, and a gold medal in the Pan American Championships in the 1997 Medellin. After many wins in his career, he had his final with Sadam Ali and lost against him.

He announced his retirement after that match, so does that mean he will spend more time with his partner? Keep reading this article because we have all the information you need regarding Miguel Cotto’s wife, married life, and children.

Miguel Cotto has been Married to Wife, Melissa Guzman, since 1998

Image of Miguel Cotto with his wife, Melissa Guzman
Miguel Cotto with his wife, Melissa Guzman

We all know that matches on the boxing field could be severe, and some lead to unexpected injuries. Moreover, people want to know if Miguel Cotto’s wife is ready for the consequences of her husband’s career.

The professional boxer decided to marry his wife Melissa Guzman in 1998, but the couple did not release the exact date of their special day. The support of Miguel Cotto’s wife from his chosen path and life decision can be seen whenever she watches his matches against his opponents.

Athletes know that the presence of family members could be a source of motivation and be the sparkplug to do their best in the game. With several wins on Cotto’s record, he never forgets to thank his wife for showing support in every match that he has had.

Miguel Cotto’s wife can often be seen at social gatherings and athlete events since she always wants to be by her husband’s side. Furthermore, people noticed that Melissa has the looks, and there is no doubt that they will have good-looking children.

After a couple of years, the husband and wife gave birth to three children. Some fans already speculate that his children would have the same athleticism as him.

Still, there are rumors that Miguel Cotto’s wife does not want to have their children enter the boxing field as it is somehow dangerous, but there is no confirmation about it. We will update this article once we find more information regarding the matter.

Melissa Guzman’s Biography

Many people viewed Miguel Cotto’s wife as a stunning woman. However, it is not enough to know her by looks.

We should also know that her name is Melissa Guzman. Melissa loves to be involved in the matches with her husband by always being present in his matches.

Miguel Cotto’s wife was born in the United States on May 15, 1978, and is now 44. Social media platforms also state that she is an endorser of many products and very active in using the internet.

Her Instagram account has 288,000 followers, and she often posts about the adventures she went through. The exciting part about Guzman is that she has separate accounts for different things like fashion.

She has an Instagram account for fashion items that reached over 78,300 followers. Miguel Cotto’s wife is a distinguished woman, and people follow her for her beauty and the tips that she gives to her followers.

Miguel Cotto’s Kids

Image of Melissa Guzman with his kids, Miguel Cotto III, Alondra Cotto, and Luis Cotto
Melissa Guzman with his kids, Miguel Cotto III, Alondra Cotto, and Luis Cotto

The professional boxer has three children with Melissa. They are Miguel Cotto III, Alondra Cotto, and Luis Cotto.

However, there was no information revealed about their children’s personal information. According to sources, Cotto had a relationship with another woman while married Melissa, and she had a daughter with the other woman in November 2006.

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