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Mick Mars is Married to Wife: Seraina Schönenberger. Kids.

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Image of Mick Mars with his wife, Seraina Schönenberger

An aggressive approach to music has always been a staple of rock and metal, and one of the people who led that movement is Mick Mars. Born Bob Alan Deal, he is a recognized musician in heavy music, and he serves as the lead guitarist and leader of the known band Mötley Crüe.

Together with other remarkable artists such as Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, and Vince Neil, the band set forth to become one of the forerunning bands that pushed the metal to the mainstream. People have often associated heavy metal with noise disguised to appear as a musical breakthrough during the genre’s rise.

However, through their efforts and many more that came with and before them, they paved the way for other heavy metal groups like Korn and Slipknot to be adored by fans. Despite the utter reverence and respect poured onto them because of their contribution, their careers were still plagued with controversy and rumors.

Bob and his fellow bandmates are infamous for being personalities who seek self-pleasure and lustful things, making them an easy target for hate and backlash. Fortunately, amid all of the chaos that people have constantly struck their group, they remained together and are still active in creating heavy and aggressive tunes.

Who is Mick Mars’ wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Mick Mars has been Married to his wife Seraina Schönenberger since 2013

Image of Mick Mars with his wife, Seraina Schönenberger
Mick Mars with his wife, Seraina Schönenberger

There is no denying that the guitarist had quite a reputation that precedes him, mainly because he fronts for Mötley Crüe. However, Mick Mars’ wife is quite the opposite of what her husband appears to be in front of thousands and millions of people.

Mick Mars’ wife is no other than photographer and supermodel Seraina Schönenberger-Mars. People may describe her as the polar opposite of what her loving partner is like, from her personality, character, rapport, and overall style and manner.

Thirty-three years is the same age gap between the ages of the musician and his partner. And because of that, they became a hotbed of issue and controversy, with people disapproving of their relationship and stating that their age difference is a huge factor that should be addressed.

Even though statements like that target the emotional and romantic state of the couple, they did not bother entertaining those hateful people. After almost a decade of marriage, they grew accustomed to what people thought of their relationship and put it aside.

They got married back on the 13th of December, 2013, a day on which people believed that the worst would happen because it aligned with Friday the 13th. However, the contrary happened, and they spent that wonderful day with close friends, colleagues, and family members.

Mick Mars’ Past Relationships

With his ecstatic and youthful energy, not to mention his immense talent and skill for playing the guitar, it’s pretty impossible not to see him go on relationships before. Before meeting his excellent partner, the artist was wedded to two women, namely Sharon Deal and Emi Canyn.

Sharon Deal was a woman he was married during the early 70s, it was even before the Mötley Crüe was founded, so there was little to no information regarding her. Moreover, Mick’s second wife was a known singer and dancer who peaked around the same time as he did, and they spent a little of almost four years from 1990 to 1993 before deciding to split up.

Seraina Schönenberger’s Bio

As mentioned earlier in the article, Mick Mars’ wife is a supermodel that has appeared in several magazines and posters before meeting her partner. Her fame further skyrocketed when she tied the knot with the musician.

It is known that she was born in Zurich in Switzerland, where, at a young age, she showed great interest in fashion and the likes. She pushed through her passion and was later granted the chance to become Miss Zurich in a domestic beauty pageant.

Her natural beauty and gorgeous physique also gave way to more shooting and modeling gigs that sustained her financially. Due to her recognition throughout the years, the musician started to notice and fell in love with her in 2007 after they met at a concert.

Mick Mars’ Kids

The couple is yet to be blessed with children of their own; although the artist has three children with her first wife, Sharon, it is weird to talk about it. This is because his children are much older and are nowhere near the same age as her present wife, with Les Paul being 51 years old today.

However, Stormy and Erik are now 48 and 46 years old, respectively, with their own families.

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