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Michael Vick is Married to Wife: Kijafa Vick. Kids.

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Image of Michael Vick with his wife, Kijafa Vick

A transformative figure in playing American football, Michael Dwayne Vick has contributed a lot of his efforts and skills towards making the sport a lot more competitive. With his innate abilities, he changed the way traditional quarterback was often played and has since shaped it to be more inclusive of various strategies that deviate from what people are used to.

Standing at 6 feet, the former quarterback has played with and against the different giants and notable personalities in the games. From his debut at the 2001 National Football League draft, he helped the Atlanta Falcons achieve many accolades, including championships and playoffs.

His immense skill and talent caused him to play with other NFL teams, including the Philadelphia Eagles, the New York Jets, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Through his hardwork and dedication that he had put into the sport, he landed himself an award for being Comeback Player of the Year in 2010.

Although he has already retired from professionally playing American football, his love and passion for it did not dwindle an inch. He became a coach immediately after leaving the scene and an NFL analyst for several of their events.

Is Michael Vick Married to Wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Michael Vick has been Married to Wife, Kijafa Vick, since 2012

Image of Michael Vick with his wife, Kijafa Vick

Michael Vick with his wife, Kijafa Vick

There is no denying that having a partner who has set foot in the grandest league in American football is an achievement. However, there can only be one woman who can be called Michael Vick’s wife, no other than Kijafa Vick.

He and Michael Vick’s wife share a lot of history, from his imprisonment because of his involvement with illegal dogfighting until he returned to the NFL and made records. She has stayed with her partner throughout the ups and downs of his career, and there is no stopping the outpouring of her love and support for him.

It is known that the love birds had known each other for almost two decades now, first starting when they met each other at a local club in the state of Virginia in 2002. Unlike many relationships that start slow, Kijafa’s love for him is out of this world that she even dropped her academics to be with him.

She would later finish her college degree when the athlete would be sent to federal prison because of his involvement in such a hideous and bloody activity. She continuously proves that she is a fierce and independent woman who needs no knight in shining armor to save her.

Michael Vick’s Past Relationships

It is not surprising that the sportsman has quite the charisma and prowess of swooping ladies off their feet. Sources state that he has been with two beautiful women in the past.

His first relationship was believed to be with a woman Tameka Taylor. Unfortunately, little to no information regarding their love story or past is available.

Before meeting his fantastic wife, the star also came from a loving relationship with Sonya Elliott. Like his first acquaintance, there are also relatively small amounts of details that tell their endeavors with one another.

Kijafa Vick’s Biography

Born and raised on the 15th of December 1980 in Philadelphia in, Pennsylvania, Kijafa Frink Vink had quite a private childhood hidden away from the public. However, it is known that Michael Vick’s wife studied college at Hampton University in Virginia.

Sadly, she did not immediately get her degree due to the unforeseen events around her partner’s arrest in 2007. But, when she came back to the academe and got her graduate, she pursued business and became an entrepreneur and a producer for television.

Michael Vick’s Kids

Image of Michael Vick with his wife, Kijafa Vick, and their kids

Michael Vick with his wife, Kijafa Vick, and their kids

From their nine years of married life, the couple already became parents to four children, one of which came from the athlete’s past relationship. Their biological kids are London and Jade Vick, with the prior being born in 2004 and the latter in 2007.

The couple also bore another son on the 20th of November 2017, who was named after the former quarterback. Fortunately, Kijafa welcomed her partner’s first son, Mitez, and treated him as her kid.

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