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Michael Peña is Married to Wife: Brie Shaffer

Image of Michael Peña with his wife, Brie Shaffer

Michael Anthony Peña, commonly known as Michael Peña, is a renowned actor from the USA. His groundbreaking performances came in two films written by Paul Haggis that won the Academy Award for Best Picture: the sports drama “Million Dollar Baby” and the crime drama “Crash.”

Michael has been a regular in individual productions since 1994; however, his breakthrough acting skills came in these two films. Even though both of these movies have garnered positive reviews, Michael was singled out for his portrayal in Crash due to how emotionally invested he was in character.

In 2006, he had a starring role in the movie World Trade Center, directed by Oliver Stone and inspired by the attacks on September 11, 2001. The year after that, he made an appearance on “The Shield,” a crime drama television series that was nominated for a Golden Globe and won.

Are you interested in Michael Peña and his wife, Brie Shaffer? Her biography and their kids together? Then read this article to find out.

Michael Peña has been Married to his Wife, Brie Shaffer, since 2006

Image of Michael Peña with his wife, Brie Shaffer
Michael Peña with his wife, Brie Shaffer

Michael is happily married to a woman named Brie Shaffer, and has been together for 16 years. The couple got married in a private ceremony that their parents and close friends attended.

Michael Peña’s wife, Brie, and he have been married for almost two decades and recently became parents to a son named Roman. They continue to be together, although, in recent years, Brie has spent most of her time in the background, taking significantly few acting parts and focusing on supporting Michael’s profession while raising a family.

Nevertheless, no rumours are being spread about Michael divorcing his wife, Brie, so it is safe to state that the two of them are still in love with one another after being married for 16 years.

Andrea Shaffer’s Biography

Andrea Shaffer, commonly known as Brie Shaffer, is an actress, artist, and screenwriter from the USA. However, the fact that she is married to actor Michael Pena is perhaps what brings her the most notoriety.

Her interest in writing and performing began to develop at a young age when she was just a child. Michael Peña’s wife had aspirations of success in the acting industry and working behind the scenes in film production.

During her time at the university, she directed three different student films she produced herself. However, after school Michael Peña’s wife, she was never given any opportunities, even though he was momentarily present in a recurring role for a potentially successful series with Fox.

Unfortunately, there are no information regarding Andrea’s birth date, age, and parents as she hasn’t shared anything about them.

Michael Peña’s Kids

Image of Michael Peña with his wife, Brie Shaffer, and their son, Roman Peña
Michael Peña with his wife, Brie Shaffer, and their son, Roman Peña

Roman Peña is the only child and son of the renowned actor Michael and his wife, Andrea. Roman was born on the year 2008 and is currently 13 years old.

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