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Michael Imperioli is Married to Wife: Victoria Chlebowski. Kids.

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Image of Michael Imperioli with his wife, Victoria Chlebowski

You may have heard of Michael Imperioli before, especially during the rise of action and mafia films in the early 70s to 90s. He rose to prominence by being one of the major leading casts in award-winning director Martin Scorsese’s gangster-action film Goodfellas.

The movie was a success and is regarded and revered by many as one of the greatest films in cinema history, alongside other movies such as Citizen Kane and The Godfather. With the film winning various accolades from left to right, it is only fitting that the actor would also be recognized alongside the movie that made him land other roles in the future.

After that experience in a movie, he was cast in other major films and TV shows for the next several decades. Some of his filmographies include his supporting contribution to 1995’s Bad Boys and Basketball Diaries and the hugely popular animated movie Shark Tale.

As surprising as it may seem, the star is still active in the industry and is still appearing in various series to date. His latest work is on HBO’s comedy-drama anthology show entitled The White Lotus, where he played Dominic Di Grasso on an episode of season 2.

Is Michael Imperioli Married to Wife? We’ll answer his personal and romantic life questions in the article below.

Michael Imperioli has been Married to his Wife, Victoria Chlebowski, since 1995

Image of Michael Imperioli with his wife, Victoria Chlebowski

Michael Imperioli with his wife, Victoria Chlebowski

Hollywood is infamous for affairs and cheating allegations from both parties involved in the relationship. So it is pretty refreshing to see someone prominent, famous, and wealthy be wedded to their partner for almost three decades.

Michael Imperioli’s wife is just as promising and attractive as he is regarding facial features and physical appearance. They saw something from each other from the day they had laid their eyes on one another, and that feeling may have stayed with them until today.

Michael Imperioli’s wife is no other than the beautiful Russian actress and Hollywood personality Victoria Chlebowski. The couple is not the most open type of person publicly detailing the intricacies of their love story, let alone their happily married life.

While some sources state that the wedding of Michael Imperioli’s wife and he was the second experience for the actress, it is definite that she enjoyed her second husband. For years, they have kept everything under the radar and are satisfied with their living type despite the looming success of their careers.

Michael Imperioli Past Relationships

Looking at the stature and facial features of the actor, it is undeniable that his Italian roots helped boost his attractiveness level up to the roof. However, it is pretty surprising that the celebrity is not someone who hopped from various romantic relationships in his lifetime.

Reports state that he only had his heart for one woman and one woman alone, which is no other than his wonderful wife, Victoria. It is believed that his interest when it comes to love only started when his partner entered into the picture of his life and created an atmosphere of affection and care.

Victoria Chlebowski’s Biography

A star with Russian roots, Victoria was born in a broken family back in Europe and had spent a considerable chunk of her childhood living with her mother Raisa and her Polish stepfather Ryczard. However, she and her family would later migrate out of her motherland due to the rising concern of anti-semitism or the unreasonable hate towards Jewish people plaguing that time.

After which, there is no other info regarding her early life. It was then noted that aside from her acting career, she is also an entrepreneur and is currently the owner of a design firm in the heart of New York known as SVE New York.

Michael Imperioli’s Kids

Image of Michael Imperioli with his kids, David and Vadim Imperioli

Michael Imperioli with his kids, David and Vadim Imperioli

The couple’s love for one another blossomed, and it resulted in the birth of their two handsome sons named David and Vadim Imperioli. They are believed to currently be in their late teens and their early 20s, pursuing their paths and careers.

In addition to that, it might be noticeable that the boys followed their parents’ footsteps and have pursued a career in the entertainment industry.

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